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BGORUG has just posted on its website a review of the crisis that is just about to engulf the service. It finds that Transport for London (TfL) have had at least a year to plan to keep the trains running, but chose to do nothing and so now there will be no trains left to run!

To read the full report visit https://tinyurl.com/yb5q8ghe

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Thanks as always Glenn for keeping us up to date on this debacle.  I’m sure you’re itching for the day you can post some positive news!

Why can this country never bring in a project on time ?

Where is Crossrail ?

At least we won't have to worry about Heathrow expansion in my lifetime.

I like the 365 idea but didn’t they have trouble introducing them in Scotland because of platform clearance issues? I’m guessing a similar issue may apply down the GOBLIN

A total mess, it seems.

RAIL (issue 870 published on Wednesday) reports that a 4-car 378 has indeed been tested down the GOBLIN, but doesn't mention the potential issues around numbers that can be spared.

So goes the story, a decision on whether to press 378s into action will be made this week (commencing 14th)

A couple of 315s wouldn't go amiss, would they...

(Source: https://www.railmagazine.com/news/network/gospel-oak-barking-fleet-... )

BGORUG has issued a new Bulletin, see https://tinyurl.com/y9keaqvj

Due to space limitations there is no mention of the modification of 378 232 to 4-car as TfL is now expected to abandon the idea due to some platform/train interface and signal sighting issues. Also Bombardier have issued version 27 of the Class 710 Train Control Management System (TCMS) software which might work! Shortened Willesden - Tring milage accumulations runs (originally Willesden - Crewe) have yet to restart however.
A new class 710 has completed two nights of Willesden - Milton Keynes test runs apparently without problem. Lets hope that it can manage another 1700 fault free miles and then ARL might be able to start driver training! Keep your fingers crossed! From Monday 27 January there will have to planned weekday cancellations as there will only be 5 trains to cover 6 Barking - Gospel Oak unit diagrams.

Two comments, one facetious, one serious,

Hire some steam engines.

Demand a massive amount of compensation from Bombardier.


Now if we’re talking some heritage stock, top and tailed 37s with a couple of mk2s sandwiched in the middle might do the trick :D

(also yes to rinsing Bombardier...)

TfL board papers have revealed that Bombardier had paid £5m in penalty payments to TfL by last September. Probably a few more £million have been paid since then. BGORUG wonders when Barking - Gospel Oak passengers are going to benefit from these compensation payments?




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