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We're looking to replace our current front door with a solid wood Victorian-style one with stained glass panels. Has anyone done theirs recently and can give us a guide on how much it cost? We'll be looking at replacing the frame too, and also having stained glass to replace the current glass panel above the door.


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These guys did a great job of replacing our front door 4 years ago I can't remember exactly how much we paid but it was around the £1k mark.


Thanks! Will check them out.

The place you want is https://www.nostalgiaandnew.com/ (previously called Stoneage).  They have a whole warehouse of reclaimed doors that they can strip down and restore, if you can find one that's the right size (or go for one slightly larger and they can cut it down).  For our front door we decided to go for a new one, but they supply those too. I think it was somewhere around £400-500. It's a really nice one with stained glass that looks quite 'period'.

It cost extra for fitting (can't remember how much - might have been £100-200).  They had a carpenter on site who did the restoration and the fitting. If it's still Sebastian then he's great - he did a fantastic job.  He restored all of our original internal doors and they were like new afterwards.

Oh, and we got an etched fanlight from Ames Glass on Lordship Lane. It really wasn't expensive (can't quite remember, but probably £100 or less)

Thanks, will definitely have a look.

Hi we also need to replace our much loved but now slightly hanging of the hinges front door, how did you get on with yours? Have you got any pointers?



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