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Spoke to one of the guys doing building work at Baldwins. Good news that he said it's going to re-open as a butcher's. No idea when it's opening, so wouldn't hold breath for Christmas 

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Great news, fingers crossed it's high quality like before.

What mysterious circumstances? Andy had been running the business since 1985. Thirty five odd years later, he had no family member who wanted to take it on. So he sold it. Nothing strange about that! I’m not clear why you want to create some sort of conspiracy out of this, Livi.

I'm not sure how easy a business it is to run. They used to supply a lot of west end restaurants (hence all the high quality meat) but the pandemic took a big toll. Then the son(?) took over and couldn't make a go of it by all accounts. It is a *bit* of a mystery why he couldn't sell it as a going concern - a 3 month or whatever closure must have been hugely value destructive, especially re restaurant clients, and it did close suddenly. Would it be fair to blame incompetence rather than conspiracy? And an obvious point about the same kind of business is that it's already got all the kit.

No business is easy to run. Maybe we shouldn’t speculate about the probably heartbreaking circumstances around the closure.

Glad to hear that we might be getting a new butcher.

I wish I had a photo of Baldwins when it was at it's old place next to Nicholas Printers, before it moved to the old undertakers. The shop was narrower, and at  Christmas was packed with hanging birds - turkeys, pheasants, geese(?) - and if you're tall like me you'd have your head in the feathers - it was a full-on experience. 

All the best to you, Andy.

Yes, I remember you had to fight your way into the shop through the plumage. I imagine it was tightened public health legislation that put a stop to that, because I only remember plucked and dressed birds in the newer shop. The quality was superb, though, and it may be hard to replicate both that and the sheer range of cuts, offal, homemade sausages, etc, in a new business.

It re-opened today as Umut Meat, early days but not a patch on Baldwins.

Just looks like any other Turkish butcher located in all the grocery stores we have…

Most of the meat is also covered in plastic

I saw it early today on my way to work. Looked like they had invested more in redecorating and a 50” screen showing CCTV than actual product. Pretty sad affair. 

Why do they need the massive multi-camera CCTV display in a butcher's? 



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