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Just venting really. It seems to me that recent congestion has led to careless and anti social driving: people driving up the wrong side of the road and jamming up box junctions: people driving up the wrong lane and cutting in on patiently waiting drivers. Has it always been like this and I've only just noticed?

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I agree, I find some of the driving down the wrong side of the road to take a right turn is bloody awful dangerous and much more prevalent. There is definitely more aggression out there. I have lived here a long time and there really is a noticeable difference for the worse in the behaviour or driver's and moped users since the LTNs introduced.

Wow! How racist is that! Do you have a shred of evidence to back up your disgraceful allegations?

I'm asking you to provide evidence of foreigners being more likely to drive badly or cause accidents. If you can't do so you are a racist.

I have heard people say that you can exchange your license from countries with much less stringent driving tests etc, but I always wonder is this actually the case.

Can you please provide some references to this?  Or not references, just some evidence of some sort.

These are the designated countries that people can swap their license for a UK licence if they are permanent residents:

Thank you Anne for the facts about driving licence legal exchange, which rebut unfounded assertions.

Btw: You don't have an option - it's a legal requirement to swap your license if you live here a certain time. But what also needs to be considered is that some of those countries have much more stringent tests. I eg did my license in another European country. It cost me 2000E 25 years ago. I had to do about 20 hours standard practice with a tutor plus some special hours like at night, highway etc. The British license and it's lax regulations with eg the L plates for scooter drivers are a joke in comparison to that!

Yeah, but other? You must need to do a test from this group, and surely there is a list of pre approved countries where their driving test standard meets or exceeds here. So I still do but that you can swap you licence for one here and do some simple test elsewhere....

what I'm trying to say - the British driving test / school system is certainly not top notch comparing to other countries 

The "pre approved list" is the countries listed that aren't "other"

My license plus £55 got me a UK license

Wow! How racist is that! Do you have a shred of evidence to back up your disgraceful allegations?



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