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Just venting really. It seems to me that recent congestion has led to careless and anti social driving: people driving up the wrong side of the road and jamming up box junctions: people driving up the wrong lane and cutting in on patiently waiting drivers. Has it always been like this and I've only just noticed?

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I can't say it's ever been particularly pleasant to drive in London, but locally it does seem that behaviour has got worse since the LTNs introduction and then made even worse when there's any road works.

I agree - road rage has gone out of the roof! I certainly agree that people are very frustrated due to the congestion the LTNs cause.

I totally agree, jamming up the box junctions is also dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross as drivers do not seem to see or care that it’s pedestrians right of crossing. Hooting has also gone up as drivers think that having a go at making a great noise will speed up congestion. One of my concern is the terrible smell of gases, petrol, diesel emanating from the traffic, it’s much worse of course now as cars are waiting to move and it’s suffocating, Haringey stinks!

Some Haringey Labour Councillors have introduced a policy totally againest car vehicle owners claiming there are 60% borough residents dont own cars today so income the Councils LTNs without residents being consulted well I was not as a person that its essential to use and drive a vehiche daily being a disable person, haringeys LTNs are being create by closing down extremely large borough areas Shutting hundreds of side roads Streets to cars/vehicles owners whom dont reside inside any LTNs (O if you own drive a car/vehicle living inside any LTNs O your car/vehicle including all other cars vehicles that Haringey council grant those cars Vehicles an excemption) but if your outside even if your a disable driver your COMPLETELY denied to drive your car or vehicle into any LTNs, if you do Haringey Council has they claim approved CCTV cameras that will photo vidio your car/vehicle and you will be issued with a PCN, The Policy imo is discriminatory towards people's car/vehicle that drive and use a car/vehicle to including disable people that have a disablity and  daily essential use our car/vehicle? Our cars/vehicles are being all shut denied any access into hundreds of our Boroughs Public highways hundreds of our public side roads and streets we been driving out vehicle on for years decades all shut down clised off inside all LTNs by Labour Controlled Councillors they alone have chosen by themselves to do so to create there LTNs not in one large area No but create several all around The boroughs, the fact and results are to both cars vehicle drivers every human being is honredous daily vehicle bumper to bumper tail to tail traffic JAMS on all borough main highways vehicle now must and can now only use because Council LTNs has shut off closed hundreds of the normally used side roads streets that local borough vehicle traffic and through vehicle traffice all used together all public legal vehicle highways that once we all car vehicle used together daily they help spread and distributed   the traffics right across our Borough these closed highways help to prevent the type of Horrendous types of Traffic JAMS were all experencing daily now on all main borough highways where our shops restratrants shopping centres that are extremely busy with hundreds of humans busy shopping eating were children mum dads walking to schools where buses with people sitting on too Stuck in Horrendous long lengthy Vehicle Traffic JAMS DAILY vehicle All now stopped for hours together all with there Engines Continually running no stop in the very same positions only moving at a snails pace all PUMPING OUT GALLONS OF POSIONOUS TOXIC EXHAUST GASES into the airways in these areas that every human being thats either stuck in a car/vehicle on buses or simple in the vicinity of these daily main highway Traffic JAMS and I mean ALL including any human thats got lung problems this incudes children and everyone now on a daily basis are all Breathing in the worstest forms of polluted air full of Loads of Poison Toxic Echauste fumes into there lungs all because some Haringey Labour Controlling Councillors think there police shutting down hundreds of our public highways to create LTNs (That All residents including car/vehicle owner drivers have not been consulted or given a vote on) and there sole purposes to create LTNs they claim is to create clean air no traffic enviroments for people that dont have a car/vehicle that live or get exvemption to go into and use/any LTNs all others and all  recurring daily Vehicle horrendous daily traffic JAMS AND danger of all within these the Traffic Jams areas all breathing in loads of poison pulluted airways are ignored by Labour Council as long as some Councillors get there own way to keep there introduced  LTNs they are deluded will improve and get clean airways, they dont because the resulting effects are all Haringey borough airways on a daily basis are being worstly pulluted all because all local and all through vehicle traffics are daily on all our main highways are held up in long lengthy traffic JAMS all PUMPING into our air gallons of poisonous toxic vehicle exhaste gases/ fumes all humans near by can't avoid breathing into there Lungs, thats a direct caused  by Labour councillors clean air policy and creators of LTNs for the few not us all most CERTAINLY not for residents car/vehicle owner drivers outside its LTNs including disable vehicle drivers were all barred shut out denied access in them and car/vehicle owner drivers must daily breath in the pulluted airs thats now daily resuling because of policy and LTNs, so when you see drivers doing the noughty things like try to get out if these daily traffic Jams (i dont Condon period) by say driving down the wrong way etc, remember there are hundreds of car/vehicle owners including disable people all of us trying to drive to work on time, to get to urgent appointments maybe driving to deal with a serious emergency and now days we are all forced daily by TLNs to sit still in Horrendous lengthy Traffic Jams for hours suffering the stresses the worry breathing in polutted toxic air and no way out of the Jams Because Haringey Council shut down hundreds of public roads streets that normal all cars vehicles were using to exscap go a different direction that we can no longer use thats why drivers of cars vehicle forced to endure these Jams some are reacting in such naughty manors and they should not but we Must blame Haringey Council and there totally unworkable clean air LTNs they causing more harm than good for us all. Please excuse my honest ranting as well as any spelling grammar mistake error I gave severe Dyslexia.TU.

I think that is the longest sentence I have ever seen.  It's too long for me to make sense of it but in response to the first part, I lived in St Ann's at the time of the LTN consultation (I am now on a boundary road). There was a full consultation, which I responded to at the time. Further consultation is also taking place as the LTN is in a trial period.

What it has really highlighted for me is just how many people are willing to break the law! Check if the camera is pointing skywards - speed on through! Not to mention driving on the pavement around the planter. I submitted a video to the police if someone doing this and I haven't heard anything back.

So go ahead and keep breaking the law is the message here. Nothing will be done about it. Keep endangering vulnerable road users and polluting our atmosphere.

My first point is I apologised right at the bottom of my right to reply to the posted view about LTNs  giving my own views in detail, I was not aware that Haringeyonline had restrictions as to how much one could text in a responces, I have Cognitive Disorder severe DYSLEXIA this disability makes it extremely hard to draft into my own words what my views are hence I present long compositions as YOU of course found lengthy, however I respectfully suggest you read my view fully as in it I state I do not in anyway condoning any one breaking the law drive, secondly I lived in haringey on Wightman Rd since 1980 and a very long standing Haringey resident, thirdly I note you were consulted why because you live in or near St Anns area, I am a Disable person a disable resident having a protected disability and use a disable vehicle lawfull legally at all times daily all around boroughwide to park my disable vehicle anywhere lawfully including in all Boroughs CPZ parking Areas My vehicle had been duly registerd with Haringey Council as disable I am too and Council furnishes me with my EU blue disable badge valid to use till 2025 and Council has issued my disable vehicle with it free Virtual Geld on Council data base a boroughwide parking Permit, and as I stated in my lengthy views I was like lots of other disable person sent any type of consultation notices to participate in sending back our views, I most certainly being one of Council deemed most vulnerable disable resident full known to my Council at having a protected disability under tbe 20210 Equality Act was not consulted full stop!! Thats why I sent a serious complaint to CEO of Haringey Council because When's you say they consulted you and not me as disable driving using a disable vehicle haringey Council regardless of as yoo confirm the Introduction of LTNs are triales that does not in anyway justify or allow Haringey Council to overlook simple ignor the duty it owes to myself my protected disability No when it chose to do the trials if there LTNs the first priority and duty owed was to make allowance first for all the disable residents they had on there data bases they were aware had to daily use a disable vehicle to get out if their homes and drive and park all places boroughwide, Haringey Council ignored such duty by not make ample and essential adjustments for all disable person they knew were protected under the 2010 EQUALITY act, and had I been prior sent a letter like you to participate in such a consultation what I have text above and claim breach of duty would have still been exactly what I have told council do not shut out Disable people that they know must use a disable vehicle to get about to get to these LTNs so we can drive our disable vehicles inside all LTNs park up and enjoy sharing and using them along side people that do not have our disabilities, why has the council shut out disable person vehciles but allowing people that live inside LTNs to use a vehicle drive in out when they please and can lots of people that don't have a disability too can drive a vehicle in and out of Council LTNs so you tell me why under such terms of usage by others driving vehicle's in and out  of any LTNs why should Disable persons that want to use all LTNs  but to do so we must doing so drive our disable vehcile to get us  to them first we must too drive inside them to park very close to areas we want to access inside avoiding walking distances hence why were disabled in first place and drive disable vehicle to get about,  so once were inside we might be disable but we can then Equality share along side all others using these LTNs our disable friends our famlies and share the LTNs too with all perons that dont have our disabilities so please explain to why and regardless you receiving a consultation off council that you live in one or now your near one tell me explain why the Council chose to shut out blue badge holders disable people that are protected and all have a right to be treated Completely Equally along side people that can use any LTNs and dont have a disability please as too why did Haringey Council ignore this faxt as its a duty owed to disable by Haringey Council too. Sorry for length errors too. John 

Anyone can drive to any property inside an LTN. People who live outside the LTN are not shut out. You can still use your blue badge to park inside an LTN.

Not only are you extremely a rude person using the comments you made to me you know absolutly nothing at all about how the new LTNs are set up by Haringey Council or being run either your prima conplaint was your only  interested being you considered in your opinion they were causing bad driving by some car vehicle driving wrong ways some deliberatly turning cameras upside down to pass them, you are totally and completly incorrect unless you live inside or on a border close to any LTNs you can't Simple drive your car inside them and I as a disable person had to make an application on council web site asking for my disable vehicle to be granted an excemption to drive it into these LTNs and GUESS WHAT COUNCIL REFUSED ME WHY TELLING ME THAT my borough home address is not INSIDE THE LTNs I Dont live inside them and dont live ON A BORDER CLOSE TO the LTNs, so yiu best go to Councils web site anf read up on the facts and stop making such incorrect comments, I might write long lengthy sentences but I did my research  and I know what I stated in my comments are unquestionable legal Facts your are just ASSUMED, As your extremely rude dont respond I dislike rude people that think they can win an ARGUMENT by being rude to others, YOUR COMPLETLY WRONG fact.    

I don't think LTNs cause bad driving. Bad drivers cause bad driving.

I have read extensively about the LTNs particularly the St Ann's LTN where I lived. I was consulted on it, saw the maps and the options and voted for one of them.

You DO NOT NEED an exemption to drive into an LTN. You can visit any address in any LTN and if you have a blue badge you can park anywhere your blue badge would normally allow you to park.

What you CAN'T do is drive through a filter. But you CAN get to any address in any LTN.

Perhaps I need to clarify: blue badge holders do not need an exemption to drive into an LTN. Anyone can drive into an LTN. You DO need an exemption to drive through a filter. Instead of driving through a filter, you can choose another route.

The standard of driving in Harringay, Haringey, across London and the UK has generally deteriorated for years. Research in 2016 available after a quick search comprehensively highlights the key issues. With fewer police around to enforce, people believe they won’t be held accountable or responsible for their poor driving. If you want to blame latest interventions, go ahead, but I don’t believe it for a second. 

I'm pretty sure it is the drivers who are responsible. The attitude of some that it is their god-given right to drive anywhere without any impediment is the real issue.

And anecdotally, I was over in the west of the borough yesterday where there are no LTNs and the driving is just as bad.



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