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Hi all, have a baby due mid-September so about to start getting essentials together. Do you have any of the major items you would like to clear out to a good home? Thanks for any help.

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I have a bag of baby sleeping bags, some suitable from birth.

Thanks so much again, Caroline. These look really useful. Much appreciated 

There is an app called Olio where you will find someone is always giving away stuff for a baby.

Thanks Anna Maria. I'll check it out now.

Not exactly a major item, but we have this baby bath for free.  It's in good condition apart from the torn sticker on the front.


Hello Brian

I have a baby buggy,  Quinny make.  It's a 3-wheeler, with chair, cot/bed bit, wheel base, rain covers.  I would want £40 for it.   I can send pictures.  The cot bit is up North at my holiday house and will be back at end of August, but I can send pictures  of what is with me in Harringay if you text me. 077 5863 0961.  

Good wishes 


Hi Barbara, texting you now

Thanks so much for all your responses. I’m going to go through them all first, make a list I can go through with my wife and come back to everyone if that’s OK. Honestly, I don’t know what many of the things people are offering are, so I'll have to do a little research too. If you can share photos / any other info that'd be useful, but don't go to too much trouble. Feel free to send me private direct messages, and I'll reach out to people over direct messages too.

Hi again all, just collated all the items in a single list for us to go through and started picking up some essentials offered for free. If you can help by clarifying whether you want to give items away for free or whether you want to sell, and if so for how much, that'd really help us. Feel free to send info via private message rather than post here. Thanks so much again.

You can have the baby sleeping bags for free. I have various bags of clothing too, which you are also welcome to take.

Amazing. Thanks so much. When can we pick them up?



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