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I live at the end of a secluded road behind green lanes / off west green road. I was informed by my next door neighbour that shortly after I left my house yesterday evening around 6pm that he noticed a lady coming past his house towards mine, which is the last house on the road. She then signalled to a van driver parked at the top of the road who came and parked around the side of my house, which is hidden from the view of the main road. As my neighbour came out to investigate he noticed her attempting to open / tamper with the lock with what appeared to be a set of keys. But upon seeing him she quickly got back in the van and drove off. The lady and driver in question are what he described as of Eastern European appearance with curly reddish hair. Unfortunately, he was not able to get the registration number of the van.The worrying thing was that there were clearly lights on and people in my house st the time. I rang up 101 the non emergency police helpline a"to ask if anything like this was happening in the local area but was told that this type of information is not given out and simply advised to double lock the door at all times. No one in my house has lost their keys so I can't fathom with what set of keys / tools they were attempting to open my door with. Has anyone heard of anything like this happening locally? Secondly, can anyone advise me of any good security companies locally who deal with security cameras, gates, fencing etc ? It's unfortunate that I need to take these sreps but I feel there is little other options and when I have asked the council for more lighting in the parking area in front of my house I was advised that they have nothing left in this years budget to do so. Any help or advice would be welcome.

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It sounds as if security lights which are sensitive to movement and are incredibly bright would also be a good idea, but I have no idea who would fit them.

Problem I've always had with those lights in the past is every cat and fox passing setting them off and needing to change lights every few weeks. May have to look into less sensitive ones.

speak to the neighborhood watch team for your area. They will up the team that do foot patrol in your area and they will also offer advice.

Contact: Pauline.Syddell@met.pnn.police.uk
Pauline is the local co ordinator of the program. If your street doesnt have a neighborhood watch rep, perhaps you would be willing to?  This then allows signs to be put up on your street that the residents have formed a watch - preventiative to potential burglers that neighbors are watching out for each other and organised. Essentially the role is a contact point between residents and the MET to solve any residents concerns.

I know of a house around the corner from ours that has a video camera installed above their front door. Even a non working one might be a deterent?

Maplins Woodgreen do all the CCTV kit you could ever need. The keys bit may have been a decoy. Flashing keys alays suspicion.
I think you may be right. I have spoken to a home security / locksmith who said experienced burglars can open the standard yale locks within minutes with a 'bump key' (check out youtube' and advised that it's very important to use the more secure dead lock on the door.

Before I bought it my flat was rented out to various people - it had been vacant for some time, but I replaced the locks just to be sure.  I now have ABS locks which are apparently virtually burglar-proof.  Also insurance companies love them and it can make insurance premiums cheaper depending on the company. 

I have emailed the contact you provided and hopefully can have some additional patrols set up. From an earlier post input up regarding the problems I have had with the parking / corner area by my house, we had some additional vehicle patrols around the top of the road, but I have yet to see any closer look at the parking area when we have had youths parked up in cars smoking drugs, drinking , littering.
I think I will go for an actual camera with recording simply to prevent the problems with security,anti social behaviour and fly tipping that I have experienced.

You are lucky you have such a great neighbour! But can you just describe me how an Eastern European looks like? I mean what is an Eastern European appearance? Just curious.  Thanks

Ginger with curly hair apparently. ???
Lol! I am only going by what he said. His description was just Eastern European in appearance, lady, red curly hair and a male companion with a white van.And I'm grateful he did follow up his curiosity and checked on what they were doing.

I'm honestly wondering what an 'Eastern European appearance' means. They guy in the van had 'Lenin mustache', the woman wearing a jacket under the brand name 'KURVA'? lol 

I know. Well I have friends and neighbours from all over 'Eastern Europe' they all look completely different from each other. It's a pretty clumsy way to describe people from such a huge area. I suppose I look a bit 'eastern european' In fact I'm from Barnsley. ;-)



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