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I think it's about time Govia gave special attention to the needs of it's customers on Great Northern during peak times. Another carriage would go a long way to accommodate passengers left crowded off trains in the mornings on Hornsey and Harringay platforms, together with greater frequency into Morgate and Kings Cross.

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For anyone who does use the service, please continue your responses.
Hi has everyone replied to the Phase 2 consultation on the 2018 timetable from Great Northern which ends 27th July 2017. It's on transforming rail.com
Im assuming the more of us that reply, the more likely that trains will stop at Harringay and Hornsey from next year.
I've just moved to the area and don't really understand why trains can stop at ali Pali but not these stops also. If the platforms are too short, they can just get certain doors to open.
It seems like a good way to increase the train frequency from these two stops without costing lots in more trains and drivers.
Hope everyone can spare a few minutes to write this in their survey



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