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Are you fed up with Tele marketeers?





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Most people working in these areas do it because they need to earn money and have few other options. Its bad enough having to do this sort of work  without getting abuse, and they get paid a pittance. Do you know what its like being on the line or being a 'chugger' and have to keep up a relentlessly cheerful tone while being abused by the public and pressurised by supervisors. It costs nothing to say "thank you, but I'm really not interested" and it is probably quicker than entering into some one sided oneupmanship. If you object to telesales and chuggers complain to the companies and charities as they are the ones making money out of this not the poor sods working long hours in call centres or standing out in the cold in all weathers. Lighten up folks and spread a little light.

@Maggie, so it's ok for people to invade your home and either try and scam you, or fleece you for money. We should be nice to them? Should we also leave windows open and doors unlocked, in case some poor burglar who's a little strapped for cash should happen to come by?

If no-one wanted to do these jobs then the problem would disappear. If the job is made so utterly unpleasant that they can't get anyone to do it - job done! I will continue to give them abuse. Even more so now

As a matter of fact - having been both a 'chugger' and a commission only telesales person in my time - I DO know what its like.

"Thank you, but I am not interested" simply does not work because that will just trigger a set of carefully scripted 'objections'. Putting the phone down does not work, because unless and until they have been through their script the system will keep calling you back and calling you back.


Oh, and as for complaing - oh please! If they bother to reply, it will be a stencilled response. Sorry, but the best way is to simply sabotage them and if enough people do that, eventually these utter menaces who have totally soiled the name of charity will give up and go away.

And I hope you have lives filled with laughter, happiness, rainbows and lollipops 

lives filled with laughter, happiness, rainbows and lollipops

after you with that joint, Maggie

joy, ecstasy, stardust and Leprechauns   ;-)

Just had a cold call from Express Law, number withheld. They have a representative in the area right now who is available to call round to offer free legal advice on the implications of the Community Care Act and how local authorities can make elderly people sell their homes to pay for residential care. Told the lady I didn’t need any free advice (after all I am only 56 and while I may be a bit of a crock don’t intend going into care any time soon). However I did give her the free advice that my number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service and she shouldn’t even be calling it. She apologised and said she would remove it from their database straight away.

Out of interest I googled Express Law. They are based in Doncaster, have also operated as Saga Legal and Minster Legal (now both wound up) and seem to have a bit of ‘form.' So be careful if they call you. 


Polite seemed to work. With a firm hint of menace of course. No rainbows or lollipops I'm afraid.


This morning, a bloke with an Indian accent phoned on behalf of an accident and injury company. I didn't have Counter script close to hand, but immediately asked where he got my details from.

After some chatter he said "192.com".

Next question, Where are you phoning from?

This was trickier and after some hesitation he came up with "Manchester"

Now I reckon if he was in any city beginning with "M" it would be Mumbai.

Me: What street in Manchester? (!)

This had him fluxommed, but I persisted. I could sense his consternation at being asked for a street in Manchester.

After repeated attempts to get the street name:

"Mr Carter I don't have time for this and I wish you a good weekend. Goodbye"

A Result, I think.




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