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According to this report Britons are 'bored but happy'

The New Economics Foundation have launched a new website today called National Accounts of Well-being. You can look at research data into well-being, and also measure your own.

You are also encouraged to support their campaign for increased measurement and accountability by government on wellbeing.

Find out your well-being at the Nef site here

This post by Hugh on social interaction also explores some of these themes

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Hah, I read that too and thought -- shall I post it.. ? Then.. It's better if a brit does it.. :o)
I think the key thing for us as a community is this bit:

According to the Nef, the UK was among the bottom four of the 22 nations on the basis of feelings of trust and belonging, including how close they were to their neighbours.

While the over-75s scored highly in the same area, for the 16-24 age group, the UK reported the lowest levels of trust and belonging anywhere in Europe.

The Nef researchers said the UK's poor performance on this "key element of social well-being" was indicative of a "highly individualistic culture".

Now, being indiviualistic can be a good thing and probably contributes to high levels of creativity as well as glorious eccentricity in these isles, but the flip side is of course that sense of isolation from and the lack of care for their environment.

I'm not sure that people value that aspect of our indivualistic culture.
"high levels of creativity"

I'm afraid I can't agree with this statement. There is no correlation between individualism and innovation/creativity in my opinion. UK is not that innovative as many may think.

On the contrary I can see a more strict correlation between individualism and greediness.
For instance I believe that individualism drove most of the greediness at the root of the current financial crisis.
Other aspect of individualism is arrogance, something that can be noticeable especially in London in my opinion.
yes, you may be right.

For every Vivian Westwood , David Bowie or Tim Berners Lee that this country produces there are many hundreds of people who think being individual means doing what you like with little regard of the effect on others or the environment (you've only got to look at some of the 'home improvements' made upon the houses round here to doubt the creativity of many people :D )

"highly individualistic culture" may just be a polite euphemism for self-centred.

On the other hand, Britain's traditional respect for liberty and freedom of the individual has led to some important leaps forward in civil rights and equality.

We have perhaps lost our way in recent years because of affluence and a desire for personal gain over community gain but there's a lot of people out there still working for the common good. The trick now is getting more people involved in the process.



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