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You may have seen in the media that lots of people are signing up as Labour Party supporters for £3 and getting a vote in the Leadership election.

With great glee The Daily Telegraph is urging its readers to send in their three quid and vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Apparently one Tory donor has sent £15 under five assumed names.

But even for Haringey Tories and LibDems there's a possible downside. You risk getting phoned up by KoberTory councillors seeking your support for Liz Kendall their preferred candidate. A friend of ours had such a call from someone using only their first name. But whose voice our friend recognised. A friendly - or as we say in the Labour Party, comradely - chat ensued.

Then our friend noticed that the number used was a council mobile. Tsk, tsk. Councillors are not allowed to use council supplied equipment or resources for political campaigning.  The separation is strict.  No use of the council email; nor postage; nor Council supplied mobiles. With the latter, though councillors pay for their calls, the phone rental is paid by the Council.

So do ask a caller's full name and check the number the call is from. Councillors' mobiles are listed on the Council website. If it appears that one is being naughty and breaking the rules, consider sending a brief email to Mr Bernie Ryan the Council's "Monitoring Officer" who will advise them of the standards expected. bernie.ryan@haringey.gov.uk

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And your point is?

At least two candidates are well represented in St Ann's among party members at both ends of the political spectrum, Seven Sisters - don't know about party members, I don't think the 2 declared Kendall supporters who are Members with a capital M there live on this side of the borough though.

Where have you been Luci? :)

Maybe there is a bit of confusion here. Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) can chose to back a leadership candidate. The nomination vote was taken at a meeting specifically called for this. The people who can attend and vote are Labour party members who LIVE in the CLP area. Some councillors represent a ward in the Tottenham CLP area but don't live in it so didn't get to attend or vote In the nomination meeting.

Well I guess I was pointing out that the left wing of Tottenham is represented by politicians that are decidedly right wing. I don't think you'd ever find the reverse situation.

Twitter was full of the queues to see Jeremy Corbyn, and our own Emine Ibrahim, speak in Camden tonight.



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