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If you have a Beko fridge freezer, you might find you are a member of this prestigious club.

You can check here if you are affected and there is a free fix for it...however, you might find they take a while to get to you, although as it hasn't burst into flames yet, I think I'd be jolly unlucky if mine decided to do so today.

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Thanks, will stay away from Beko then; our 20 something year old fridge decided to pack it in for the 2nd time (this time it's dead) and we can't seem to find a decent replacement. It's funny the boiler decides to give up during the winter and the freezer dies during summer.

Twenty plus years; it would have been a decent fridge. Unfortunately most fridges seem to conk out these days. Maybe the auto defrost is the problem as all these new ones seem to have this feature.


If anyone can recommend a good fridge make/model please let me know here, as I think our current one is packing up. And no I don't want to spend £800 on a Smeg fridge!

I'm disposing of an upright fridge/freezer .  It's under a year old - Hotpoint RFA52P.  Still being sold see http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.100-6976.aspx


If you are interested I would like to do a deal along these lines:  You will need a van to transport the fridge.  I need to move a 48" diameter round dining table from the second floor of premises in Crouch End to Stapleton Hall Road.  It would need two people to carry carefully downstairs.  I cannot assist.


So if you move the table, I'll let you have the fridge for £40.  If interested text me on 07931 92 91 87 until Friday 15th.




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