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I haven't been to Tottenham Green Leisure Centre since the refurb was finished, but I was thinking of taking my baby swimming there for the first time soon.  I remember hearing lots of bad things about the children's pool on here in the past (pool too cold for children, life guards not turning up and pool being closed, filthy changing rooms etc.), so just wondered whether things have improved on that front?  If anyone's taken a child recently and has any words of wisdom, it would be great to hear what you think.  Don't want to put the baby off swimming forever!



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I visited the centre with my 1 and 3 year old on Sunday for the opening of the new soft play area. I didn't use the pool but the 0-4 soft play section over looks the pool and I saw several mothers with their young babies using the newly improved pool. It looks great from what I could see and if the refurb of the changing rooms etc are to the standard of the soft play and what I could see of the pool I sure they are great too.
Yes, me & my friends have taken our babies there a few times. I don't know what it was like before the refurb. Each time I've been the water has been cold & one of those occasions I think they were actually having problems with the water heater. There are baby changing tables & you can take your pushchair into the changing room which helps. There's a mixed changing area & separate male/female changing areas. Like the soft play areas, there seems to be sessions for when you can use the areas. I find that confusing cos it's not always enforced but there have been occasions when I've turned up & they've told me we can't go in for 45 minutes - not great when you're trying to fit it in around nap/meal times etc. At Archway pool they have lots of toys in the water which little ones can play with & I haven't seen any at Tottenham yet so it does seem a bit boring in comparison.
I think these are just teething problems, we'll deffo be going back though!



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