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WOW we have YOGA!!! Go N15!!

Hooray for the area of Seven Sisters after years of being just a little too far from the Yoga classes on the Ladder (for lazy people like me), we now have our very own Yoga Studio and speciality Cafe on Philip Lane!!! It's called TRI and has massive curb appeal; polished, conceptual, light and airy with a cool design aesthetic.

Has anyone been there yet? I just drove past today and vowed to dip in for a gluten free treat ASAP.

Don't know the team running it but the website said it's a winning combo of Marc Muellar and ex-YogaCampus / Life Centre teacher Jo Rudolphy who was teaching on the Ladder and has set up her own space. Looks amazing, well done if you're reading this!

Their sleek website:


Let's all of us Seven Sisterin show our support!  124 Philip Lane.


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Brill! I also drove past and wondered if it was any good! Will have to pop in esp if one of the teachers is e. Life centre...

Good grief! If it's actually properly gluten free as opposed to trendy gluten free then I'll be in there daily...

I run down Philip Lane and haven't spotted this! I must seek it out...

Wow, that's fantastic. Thanks so much for the info. Let's keep them in business!

just popped in for a coffee - they start yoga next week.


Brill, I am defo going to go to a yoga class and pop in for a tea. I think it's really important to support local businesses like this that the area really does need and will flourish from

YESSS! Right on !!!!!! :) probably see you there !

Indeed!! :)
Thanks for the update. They have a new customer in me! Cant wait!
Would hate to see it empty due to lck of support!

Looks good but not much in the calendar and difficult to get to.

They only opened last week so the calendar is most likely still in the making.... I live just minutes away so of course it's ok for me ;) But you should know that it's on the direct Bus routes 230 and 341 which come from either Wood Green way or right through Green lanes. Maybe that helps. Well, just thought i'd share some nice news from our neck of the woods :)



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