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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Picked up this tweet from a Twitter user called @clockworkLondon accompanied by a picture of the Paul Simon Estate Agents.

Quick google brought up this info:

Ruff, Tuff & Wicked Stuff Records

Profile: Oldskool Hardcore Label, Started In 1991 by Nick Power. Also linked to Buzz Records.

Music Power Record shop's label, originally based in Harringay, London. They then opened a second branch in Ilford, Essex in 1993. The record label was actually run from the third shop Music Power Sound & Light, a few doors away from the Ilford branch of the record shop. Record shop closed down in about 2001.

Anyone remember this shop/record label?

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Yes, I use to buy all my records in there, H & Nick use to own it best music shop ever. They were originally in Turnpike Lane befor the moved to Green Lanes

Thanks Polly. If you find any photos from that time, would love to see them :)

Try Nicky Clarke now via Totteham traders. He used to run Bangs nightclub along with a high energy record label above Tesco. I've posted about this before somewhere. Will have a search when I get home.

Found this..

Great - where's that from, Jack?

That's brilliant, JR!

Sorry, that's "Bolts" and Nicky Price.

Found another picture ...

First picture found here...


Just scroll down the page a bit.

My family has lived on Mattison Rd since 1970 (Mum and Dad are still there!)

That second picture I found here ...


Again, just scroll down till you get to 'Music Power'.

Great stuff Jack. Keep em coming. I bet your parents' photos too would be a treasure trove!

Getting some memories from Twitter

Preston remembers going there 'mid 80's to mid 90's ish"

Sean says: "Yeah went there a lot. King of the Dance White Labels. Goldie used to visit a lot" but he thinks it closed around 1993.



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