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Didn't have a chance to go and investigate:





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They're putting up a bungee jump for the Festival


It looked like a mobile phone mast going on top of one of the buildings near the Salisbury (I was in a car in the middle of Green Lanes so hard to see)
Pop up art: called 'Traffic disconnect'
Love all three answers so far, though I'm sadly more swayed by Michael's. A Harringay bungee jump or our own pop art obelisk hold out more personal appeal though.
But of course! It's the GLSG Exploratory Dept., drilling for oil as their latest revenue stream. Bring on the Nodding Donkeys.
Nodding donkeys, now there's a thought. One each side of the newly tarted up Harringay Bridge, so you can pop in your local annual taxes; chewed, digested & results out the other end. Maybe one donkey representing council spending and the other the current government.
With a ladder and some glasses, you could see to Hackney marshes if it wasn't for the houses in between....
Looking for petrol? Maybe there are some anxieties in some quarters that people in Harringay are a little too keen to explore renewable energies. Or maybe they fear that the war in Lybia might not bring as much petrol as they thought?
Black gold! Always knew there was gold in them thar hills.
We walked past there yesterday and it looked like a crane taking something over the top of the building next to Tescos. Sorry mine is by far the most boring reply ;o)
We saw it from our back bedroom window and thought we saw two men in a cage being winched up. could't see where too tho as a tree got in the way!



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