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Anyone know what these poles with cameras are for On St Ann's Road?

Hopefully to catch drug takers/dealers and rubbish dumpers...

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It's looking south from St Ann's Road down Cleveland Gardens, which was gated but now has bollards with blue 'Bicycles Only' symbol roundels on them. An attempt to spot 'moped' delivery riders cutting through?

I don't think it's to do with the proposed St Ann's Low Traffic Neighbourhood, which would be to the north.

Traffic survey camera, one on Hornsey Park Road too.

Are they not the ULEZ cameras??

Not held up by lengths of string. They're obviously very temporary.

I think you're right, its ULEZ enforcement.

Warsaw Photgraphic Society's annual tour to a developing nation?

They are filming the moped riders who are using it illegally. It has become a death trap.

Wait.... moped riders can't use it? THE COUNCIL ARE GOING TO MAKE A FORTUNE. That street is my view for at least 8 hours a day. I'll try to keep a tally then... there must be hundreds a day flying through there...

I've assumed all those moped riders have false plates. You only have to watch them on Green Lanes in the traffic to realise that they drive with impunity.

I'm sure a lot are still Uber Eats and Deliveroo drivers!

They need to move fast to make money and thus need to break the rules. They can't do that with legitimate plates as the fines are too expensive.



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