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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone in the N22 area has a old working crt tv 20inch or slightly bigger.

Kindest Regards

Martin :)

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Does it have to work ?

Yeah working tv

I have a 14 inch sony trinitron going begging. Too small for you probably.

Yeah too small I'm afraid 

Yes! I have a Phillips 32 inch TV finished in green leather. It's beautiful and cost a fortune at the time. I was just about to put it on a skip.


Just messaged you on the chat, don't know if you received it? 

Here's how to send a private message if that didn't work

How to private message

Thanks, I saw Julie was online so I thought I'd message through that first :) 

A leather tv?! How very decadent!

Here it is:


Hi Julie. 

The tv will be too big for myself, to use in my house. 

Thank you again for responding to the post.

Many Thanks 


Try the recycling centre!



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