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Anyone have a Fridge-Freezer - Small or Large - Desperate!

Fridge freezer just broke down - pregnant lady with 88 year old mum.

Can anyone help?

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My washing machine conked out and I had to replace it. Curry’s online worked perfectly. If you order today likely they can deliver tomorrow. Good luck. 

We might be able to help. We were given a fridge freezer which we no longer need. Where are you located? You can DM me

Just called my neighbour and yes she still needs a fridge freezer

Just DM you

thank you so much

Ok. Need to get it ready & work out transport (unless you have it -  I'm in Heysham Road off 7 Sisters road)

079 6616 8530

Delivery organised

Hopefully this evening - could you give me a call on 079 6616 9530

Many thanks


It's free-standing white 140cm tall. Viscount brand given to us by Pastor Charles at Woodberry Down Church. 60% fridge at top, 40% freezer at bottom. Really helped us out when our old one broke.

hello Deborah..... i have given my neighbour your number and I text you this morning with her number.    She should be in contact with you as mentioned she is also caring for her 88yr mother.

Gina could get through to you on that number.... can i give you her number

Yes please do

Oops sorry I made an error 

079 6616 8530

Please try again

Giving it a good clean. Probably tomorrow for delivery.

Let me know

Best regards


Someone has put a Bosch fridge that works on the pavement in Lancaster Road, near the low house numbers but there seems to be no electric lead.



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