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Anyone else have a black cat with white paws/nose sneaking into their home?

This sweet (yet sneaky) furry creature has been found attempting to break in to our home several times recently through any slightly ajar window he can get through. It is very cute but my flatmate is allergic so really can't have him in the house at all. Last night, the cat attempted to come in and we stopped him before he got into the house. He spent a good 20 mins meowing outside - it was quite upsetting. Wondering if he's hungry or has no owner? Or is he a classic cat laying it on thick for treats?

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PS pic in attachment

Whereabouts is this? I've seen notices on trees about a black and white cat missing around me (Stanmore Road area). Not sure if its the same cat, but I can have a look later

I'm on Allison Road, on the ladder ...
I've seen this little guy, in my garden several times (Gardens side). That was last year though, he wanted to come in the house but i didn't let him.

Well done Coco for helping the cat and publicising. If no neighbours recognise it, you could take it to your vet to be scanned for free to see if microchipped. A vet will also  confirm whether the cat is male or female and whether it needs neutering.

I've mentioned to Stokey Cats and Dogs as they publicise lost and found pets and there are useful tips on their website such as note on collar, flyers.
You can list a lost or found pet on Animal Search and it's free to do that.
Hope an owner is found, what a lovely cat. If the cat isn't chipped, if anyone claims the cat, make sure they have proof of ownership first.

I'm sure you know all this anyway, but if a cat has been found that isn't neutered, it's vital to keep the cat inside until the cat has been neutered, otherwise it leads to more homeless cats being born and also fighting. Free Cat Neutering
If foster care or help needed for a cat, contact Stokey Cats and Dogs and their email is stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

(For any cat owners out there, Animal Rescue charities advise that it is vital that pets are microchipped and neutered. Cats enjoy catflap access to a back garden and need catflap access to their home, otherwise they may be stuck outside for hours with no access to food, water or their cosy bed. It's best to lock the catflap at night so that cats are safe inside at night as it reduces the risk of them getting lost or injured).

Yes, we know him well, He lives over on Hewitt road and has a lookalike friend who he sometimes brings with him. He is really cute but unfortunately he and my cat don't see eye to eye, he was back over tonight but he does have owners so is being fed - I think he may be a bit of a six dinner Sid!

WE live on Beresford , half way down bottom section ,backing onto Allison,    We call him FELIX , he comes here most days and has done so for at least nine months. Scares my soft cat and he certainly isn't frightened of humans. I don't feed him but I suspect he has eaten my cats food . We have found him in the house numerous times.  

Look who's made himself at home again. (Beresford Rd) He must visit at least everyday and last night came in during the night too. he always tucks into cat food so am now think thing that prehaps he's not being fed regularly. Do we definelty know if he has a home and is well looked after. He looks in good health but am getting a bit concerned now.

I think you're right to be concerned for the cat. I see that Apple thinks the cat has an owner who lives on Hewitt Road. It's a very long way for a cat to wander as far as Beresford Road - even more so as this must involve the cat crossing a road, which is worrying, as well as being out at night, which is another risk.

Is the cat neutered? If not, needs neutering fast. Any responsible owner at the very least gets their cat neutered and microchipped.
Perhaps Apple or others above can help further and you could doublecheck that this cat has an owner and speak to them and check what the situation is - a cat needs a cat flap and it's safer to be inside at night. If a cat is neutered and has cat flap access to their home and food and water, they don't usually wander.

I'm not suggesting it's the case here at all as I've no idea, but it's sadly becoming more common for people to move out and leave cats behind, needing help.

I would get the cat scanned to see if microchipped - if the cat has an owner, they will be relieved that you have helped their cat.



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