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We're looking for a good local (or relatively local) osteopath. Ideally someone who does evening/weekend appointments or even home visits. Anyone got any suggestions?

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If you are a patient of Drs Singer or Haas at Umfreville Road you can be referred to their in-house osteopathy clinic but it only operates two afternoons a week. It's a teaching clinic for the College of Osteopaths and I can personally recommend either of the supervisors, David Lintonbon and Diana Widdows. I believe both of them see patients privately outside their teaching practice. They are both on the web.
I was seen by David at the in house clinic and would recommend him too
Raj went to this place when he injured his back and was pretty pleased. They are just a hop, skip and a jump over the railway line......I'm sure he went in the evening.

We have been treated for 15years on and off by John Fudge on Wilberforce Road and really trust him to sort out what he can, and refer us elsewhere if he thinks someone else more appropriate. (For example:when my son was little and had built up a lot of chest tension after a prolonged period of bronchial asthma John advised me to take him to a cranial osteopath. )His fees are very reasonable.
His no. is 0207 226 1193.
I have found Hornsey Osteopath Clinic to be really good in their understanding and treatments of injuries - both practitioners, Lance Turvey and Kevin Brownhill are excellent, and I would recommend them highly.

Hornsey Osteopathic Clinic
Lausanne Annexe, 272 Wightman Road, London N8 0LX
Tel: 02083479990
I fullly endorse the recommendation for Hornsey Osteopath Clinic on the corner of Wightman and Lausanne Road. Highly recommended indeed
I also had two sessions with David, quite amazing really what he did with my hip which had been bothering me for almost a year. I was referred by Dr. Brothers at the Umfreville Road surgery and attended on Tues mornings. Maybe the times have changed?
Ruth C



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