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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I'm half way through a history degree with the OU (and am just starting A200 - this will make sense to OU students). I love it!

I was out in Harringay this evening and discovered a fellow OU student at the same table. We got to wondering if there were any more OUers out there.

So this thread is to make yourself known (if you want to)

Plus would anyone be up for the odd meet up to moan about TMAs, compare exam results etc, maybe in the Salisbury/Garden Ladder or if you can't get out of an evening, meet over a coffee in a local cafe?

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I am a fellow OU-er! I am studying Criminology and Psychology and am half way through DD301.


Maybe I can moan abut my tutor's lack of communication?

Hi Kylie,

You can! Would you be up for an OU students get together of some sort to compare notes?


I'm about to try to finish up my degree through OU. I'm starting DD205 on 5th Feb


Hello LJH! My course starts then as well. Have already started reading for it though!

Hi Liz,


Definitely! I am off on holidays soon though. (dates removed by site admin)

Thanks site admin, (they encourage us not to put holiday dates into open forum).

Kylie, I will add you as a connection if you want to let me know your plans privately.



I'm also a fellow OU-er. I did my first degree witht e OU (graduated in 2007) in Humanities with Classical Studies, then did Latin, ancient Greek and archaeology, and I'm now on the last leg of an MA in Classical Studies.

I've just been allocated my dissertation tutor and I'm working on my proposal for a dissertation on the archaeological evidence for food and society in Roman Libya.


There's a lot of pain involved in OU study, but it brings its own rewards. Meet ups for moaning are always welcome.




Hi Sunny

Thanks for replying. Thinking I need to think about a date soonish. How are people fixed for next week?

Hi Liz. I'm starting an OU history degree myself. First module (AA100 History of Art) kicks off next week. Would be interested in meeting to hear about peoples' experiences, and particularly your own of the History course.  

Okay, I'm going to say let's meet up on Tuesday at 8.30 at the Garden Ladder. Please let me know if you are definitely coming, so I don't sit there on my own :) (although I suppose I could take my study books with me). Will put an OU/HOL notice on the table so you can find me.

p.s. If anyone is reading this who is thinking of doing OU (or is an alumni and or connected to OU in other ways, you are most welcome to join us). 

RSVP here please

Good idea Liz!


I'm starting K217 Social Care health and well-being on 5 February. I did K101 last year at the same time - Introduction to health and social care and it was ok. K217 will be a bit more serious!



I started DD101 intro to the social Sciences yesterday so would love to hear other peoples experiences especially Kylie as you may have started with DD101? May struggle with Tuesday but will give it my best shot.






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