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Hi! I know there are a couple of threads, but most seem quite old.

Have had a few valuations over the last week for my 1-bed, and am struggling to make my mind up, so would love to know how anyone has found selling with Anthony Pepe, Winkworth, Wikinson Byrne (or any others)?

The valuations have been quite different - and I'm not sure what's realistic / too low / too high, or who would do a good job with buyers.

Thanks so much!

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I've sold two houses with Winkworths and would use them again. Friendly, responsive and they have been realistic in their advice about pricing.

Thanks, that's good to know! On a previous thread I saw a couple of negative experiences - which isn't a lot, of course, so good to know you've had a positive one.

Yup, decent experience with Winkworths here too. I did take their valuation and reduce it though, as our others had been lower (and we still ended up taking an offer a little below that). 

I’ve sold through Anthony Pepe. They were great, very on-the-ball and easy to deal with. The valuation was sensible and we got very close to asking price. 

Wilki Byrne have been good in the past with me too for buying/selling. Realistic valuations

I recently sold with Purple bricks and found them very easy to deal with, the valuation was the same as winkworths (we bought with Winkworths and they seemed very good). Takura was our agent and he seemed to know his stuff. The main selling point about Purple bricks is obviously the cost, fixed price fee with added extras still taking it nowhere near the 1% most estate agents charge. I have to say Winkworths would maybe have dropped their price but negotiating with estate agents while going through a divorce as a newly single parent wasn’t most appealing!! We also managed to get 50k over the asking price which was madness but there wasn’t much out there this summer!

oh wow! I considered trying to use Purple Bricks, but read online that they maybe weren't as good at all the following-up/chasing bits, seeing as they get their fee whatever. But something to consider!

I have also found Winkworth to be very good. (Even when I changed my mind and didn’t move!

Thanks so much everyone, really reassuring!!

I used Knights (Tottenham High Rd, lovely green tiled building) to sell in Autumn 2019, as their valuation was in the upper middle of 4 & seemed realistic to achieve. They were the only ones to tell me that borough councils would be interested, & in fact 2 jumped over each other to buy my place first time, no messing about, whereas my other offer within a week or so of viewings, was from a buy to let couple who could easily have walked away or had mortgage problems. The other estate agents (one being Winkworth's) knew this was likely but failed to mention it in case I was prejudiced about my old home becoming council owned - they admitted when they asked me why I hadn't gone with them! I had experienced Knights previously when I was looking & purchasing 8 years before, & found their warmth & realism refreshing.  

Thanks Rosamund, really helpful to know!

Our experience of Winkworth wasn't great. Lots of our friends have used Paul Simon though and had a far better experience with them.



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