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My husband and I are thinking about buying a second hand hybrid car (probably a Prius) and are interested to know if there are any local car sellers (dealerships or garages) that the HoL community would recommend (or avoid!)? 

Thank you!


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If you do find one, I recommend that you park on the rung roads of the ladder. Car ownership is relatively low there I'm told, so there's plenty of room. No point risking it getting scuffed or swiped on Wightman Road. 

Ha ha. 

Cars are one of those things where you probably want to buy an out-of-city vehicle that hasn't been subjected to years of start-stop traffic, scuffs and scrapes, and has mainly accrued motorway miles. 

I suspect a higher proportion of London Prius' are ex-ubers, so watch out for vehicles that have outstanding finance.

I have no personal experience with the local car yards in Haringey, but I would suggest if you see something you like, get a pre-purchase inspection done by a mechanic or the AA.

I've brought my cars from Autotrader direct from owners (not a car yard) and have always got great value for money.  

Make sure you get a warranty. If the dealer only offers a short/non-comprehensive one you can purchase your own policy. 



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