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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

A small but infuriating group were out today blocking the traffic and sending dangerous messages to vulnerable people. I know we live in a democracy but...honestly!

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Just wanted to allay some concerns.Much as I disagree with the protest in Wood Green yesterday, the protestors weren't "thuggish types". In fact it was mostly the opposite; bookish men, crouch end type women and children. Ill-informed and annoying but not thuggish or dangerous. Our streets remain safe at least relatively.

Glad to hear it. 

Guys on the tube were though. Vile. 

Ah yes, multi cultural nazis...

Godwin called for his law back pls

J - 

How have you managed to confuse daubed signs at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, with the Royal Free (Hampstead)?

Oh goodness. Probably because I'm an old fool. 

This is the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle who looked after my father when he was on three times a week dialysis and cared for him when he died.  That someone could spray such filth makes my blood boil.

Possibly due to the lifting of lockdown, sadly, some people seem to have been taken over by a collective madness of protest. Whether it be XR, BLM, woke or Anti-vax, when confronted by a logical argument they choose to ignore it. The academic nihilists seem to have found their credulous following within the (predominantly) white middle-class.

Is this one of those trolling posts, trying to gaslight the reader? Absolutely XR & BLM value are intertwined as it’s predominantly indigenous people of colour who are currently experiencing the acute impacts of the climate & ecological emergency. Being ‘woke’ is being “alert to injustice in society, especially racism” - how is that something to be condemned, in Haringey of all places, it’s one of the strengths of our community. Looking forward to hearing your “logical” arguments denying the climate & ecological emergency & why society shouldn’t take a stand against racism. Also looking forward to hearing what you define as “white middle class”. 

There aren't many indigenous "people of colour" around here.

I don't think they meant people around here.

Indigenous people around the world are suffering the effects of anthropogenic climate change.

People have the right to disagree with any of these movements. You broadly overreact in your comment. I'm wondering who is the real troll? Emergency, emergency, panic, panic, crisis, crisis, everyone racist, the world is ending tomorrow...do you have anything else to say? Ah, of course, anyone is questioning anything you say is definitely a troll...and of course racist for sure, right?




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