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Another Turkish restaurant has just opened on Green Lanes, Niyaziusta, located across the Salisbury pub. That makes it the 18th from Manor House Station until Selale next to Tesco.I was wondering, are they not getting near market saturation by now? I know we now have the Fish & Chips, Bun & the Bar, Tramp and the Indian restaurant since last year which have all added a bit of much-needed diversity to the area, but I do not understand why there is still such low diversity of businesses on this stretch of Green Lanes (kebabs, betting shops and hairdressers, essentially). 

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Animosity is probably too strong a word I couldn't think of quite the right one to express just a general feeling of 'meh' expressed towards that particular community, its restaurants, its shops, its culture - quite oftenwhen the Turkish community is being mentioned its not in an entirely positive way.  I might be completely wrong- it's just how it sometimes feels to me - but as I said I'm not Turkish.  I'd be really interested to hear from Turkish forum members.

We obviously read things differently Betty. 

The OP demonstrates a low level of animosity by starting the thread in the first place.

The reference to the number of Turkish restaurants, the use of the term 'saturation point'.

But this post doesn't mean I agree with her/him.

Personally, I don't see any animosity in the OP.
Ok, please send your list of politically acceptable topics which I will do my upmost to ignore :)

I think the most villified group on this board are the white middle classes, they get a terrible press, mainly from other white middle class people who appear to be slightly embarrassed about being well, white and middle class.  I think we are just misundersood and if people took the time to get to know us they'd realise what a generally terrific group we are.

We do have a terrible tendency to build multiple organic coffee shops with exposed brickwork walls and mismatched furniture though 

Oh come on, the recent influx of middle class folk deserve their cycle café and/or tea room café, retro clothes boutique, cocktail classes and maybe a skateboard shop ... otherwise life just ain't worth it!

You left out 'cereal bar' and 'pop-up shops' ;)

Or maybe it will be easier to get to if it is no longer a rat run?

Isn't it all about market forces? All the Turkish restaurants offer what I consider to be extraordinarily good value for fresh tasty food. Where else can you feed 3 adults and a child for under £30 as I did the other night? They get the basics right; good atmosphere; good service; good food at a good price. Starting up any restaurant is an enormously risky venture. And as much as you might think there is room for the other cuisines you mention, restaurants often fail within the first year. Take a look at all the reviews for the newly opened Tramp as a point of comparison....For all it's diversity into different styles of cuisine, and it's kooky interior, I don't think they'll survive charging the prices they do for cold food that you have to wait half an hour for.



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