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Another Turkish restaurant has just opened on Green Lanes, Niyaziusta, located across the Salisbury pub. That makes it the 18th from Manor House Station until Selale next to Tesco.I was wondering, are they not getting near market saturation by now? I know we now have the Fish & Chips, Bun & the Bar, Tramp and the Indian restaurant since last year which have all added a bit of much-needed diversity to the area, but I do not understand why there is still such low diversity of businesses on this stretch of Green Lanes (kebabs, betting shops and hairdressers, essentially). 

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The existing Turkish restaurants can have queues on busy nights. People come from all over London to dine here. Go figure.

2 or 3 of them do, not all of them. People also queue for Dotori in Finsbury Park, why can't we have a nice Japanese restaurant as well? Wishful thinking...

Try Kata @ Brouhaha. delishhhhh!  but a limited menu.

I know, the food's fine but it is still a pub and not a restaurant as such...

I think this is besides the point. You cannot promote a saturated market just because 'they can have queues on busy nights'. In any case only a few of them are actually worth recommending. I have noticed the population of this area become significantly diverse over the last 10 years, they deserve the appropriate consumer choice.

More diversity would be good but we now have Bun and Bar, Brouhaha, Autograf, Blend, Jam in Jar, Hanoi Pho, Durazzo's all to have opened in the last 18 months; not a bad start and they all have remained open and are in my experience, all good.  

I miss my guilty pleasure of a kebab shop burger from the LonDoner (former if brief incarnation of the new restaurant)

I 100% agree with your comment!

It has been said that parking policy has driven out the use of GL as a day time shopping environment and instead encouraged night time activities- free parking Sundays and evenings = great for eating out!

This is much more a bakery than a restaurant.

They already had two existing premises on green lanes anyway.  They closed one and opened this one, so I'd have thought zero total impact on "much needed diversity".

I'm assuming the reason for doing that was to space them out more on Green Lanes.

The story is more intriguing than that. The new premises at the bottom of Hewitt is being opened by the brother-in-law of the existing businesses. Apparently the proprietor informed the owner of the main Niyazi Usta that he was going to be opening a business using the same name. His forebearing relative told me that he said that was okay. "as long as he doesn't push it too far". So, by all accounts, the new kunefe salonu is a new business.

Out of interest, any idea how this links into the ones in Walthamstow and Stoke Newington?  The same as the existing business owner or more brother-in-laws?

I don't know I'm afraid. The branding is the same as the existing Harringay business. Given that, I'd guess that the link is to the existing business, given the owner's implication through our conversation that he owns the name. 



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