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I've been meaning to make a post warning any prospective renters to avoid Manor Properties now that we are free from their grasp.

They get staff from Anthony Pepe to show possible tenants around their properties, and only once papers have been signed and deposits paid do they reveal that they are no longer responsible and instead you must deal with Manor Properties. The staff at Manor are rude, discourteous and ignorant. They do not listen to anything tenants have to say, preferring to outright ignore them or try to shout complaints down.

My partner and I brought damage (that we had not caused) to their attention multiple times during the period in which we were in the flat, and after the third time they said "Oh, you wanted that hole fixed?" and then proceeded to do nothing about it. They also attempted to enter the property without notifying either of us, and when this was brought to the attention of the manager the staff member in question appeared to get some sort of ticking off, which was good, but this was not the first time that someone had expected entry to our flat after giving us very little notice.

The biggest reaction we ever got to our complaints was "Well, if you don't like it, move out," which was certainly helpful, and shortly afterwards we found out that the manager was also the owner of the property, so we had nobody left to complain to.

This property agency really does demonstrate yet again that London agents can treat tenants however they wish because there will always be a queue waiting to take over left properties. It's a sad state of affairs.

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Sounds awful. A really excellent estate agent both for rentals and sales is Brien Firmin (they cover Wood Green / Bowes Park / Palmers Green) - I also had a very good experience with the Stroud Green office at Hobarts for renting. Good luck.

Thanks! We actually moved a few weeks ago and found a lovely place with a one-woman agency, Barbara at IAB, who is incredibly kind and helpful. She let us get references off previous landlords rather than Manor after I told her about them. I would very much recommend her services!

I've not looked into it too much myself but I assume there will be sites like that out there! I just thought I'd post here as people looking to move within Harringay deserve to be made aware and this is the most direct thing I could think of.

I know who the owner of Manor Properties and that does not surprise me at all - i have personal experience of the disrepair you describe as I used to live next to one of his properties - i felt so sorry for the tenants: damp, mould, roof leaks, rotten windows, etc.. As long as he sleeps well at night, eh..??!!

Heh, indeed. It's appalling and makes me so angry that he can get away with it.

What the hell are Anthony Pepe getting out of this partnership? Are they not supposed to be estate agent of the year? Sounds very dodgy. Fraudulent perhaps. Have you spoken to he owner of Anthony Pepe.

I'm not surprised about this story. Back to 2011I lived on one of this gentlemen properties, I had the worst nightmare ever of my life .

I rent a flat in 2009 and in 2011 January they called me to rise the rent which I agreed and asked them what's the idea regarding my sating at the propriety as me and my wife would like to have another child, this gentleman said no worries you are good tenant you can stay as much as you want.

so I start to fix the  garden, cleaning all the rubbish left from them putting grass and pebble on the boarders so, I spend my money and time to make nice garden for me and my family enjoy a bit more (my fault anyway).

In the mean time my wife got pregnant and everything was fine until one day in September 2011 the guys from Anthony PePe went there just to check if everything is ok , I found it strange as I lived there for long time and until that day no one came around .

the same week they called me saying they send a photographer to take same pictures at the propriety as they were going to put on the market for sale, I felted a big punch on my stomach . 

Then I asked  more time as a was took in completely surprise they just don't care, one day I said at one of the girls at the office please can you contact us before you go with more people to see the flat as my wife is 7 mouths pregnant and its very stress with the situation and I have to work,  I can not be there all the time . the answer was you must find another place to go, if your wife is pregnant nothing special on it millions on the same situation.  with this I just walked away. The next day the owner called me and booked an appointment for next day , I went there again to ear what he had to say ( better if I don't ) this gentleman treat me and my family saying you and your family have 24 hours to live you don't mess with me, all this with swearing and shouting words .

with all this abuse I decided to take all the proves I had and went  for advice on Haringey council housing team which I have to say they  were helpful as they handle the situation very well  from 1 minute, thanks housing team . 

There is a very experienced team in the Council who work on private sector renting and properties. The environmental health officers will visit, issue enforcement notices and follow up. I have always found them responsive and ready to follow up referrals.

The team is led by Steve Russell - steve.russell@haringey.gov.uk

They know about the slum and rogue landlords but any evidence people can provide for them helps if they are trying to make them improve or alternatively, in taking enforcement action.

Zena Brabazon

Cllr, St. Ann's Ward

Chair St. Ann's and Harringay Area Forum and Committee

I wish we had known about this. When we were looking up what our options were, it seemed like none of our problems were great enough that outside agencies would be willing to look into them. Stuff like this should be better publicised!

Wow, that is terrible. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that! But I'm glad to hear the housing team were useful.

The ladies on the front desk are really good at being rude and terrible at communicating. It got the point where I felt horrible just walking past their office because I was so annoyed by their disregard for everything.



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