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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Kebabs and apostrophes galore! 

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thanks for the link

Hampden Road went ahead with tweaks so I am sure the same will happen on the M&S site and that will set a precedent for the rest of the HIgh Road e.g. former site of BHS, etc.

It wasn't a tweak the councillors urged the developer to add another 5 floors! Both officers and councillors ignored the fact that this site was and still is outside the area in Haringey where any buildings above ten floors are strictly prohibited. But planning in Haringey has long been an alternative reality.

The comments of support for the project all look like they have been signed by the same person- with the same pen :-)

Hmm, someone was busy on 18th July.

I thought it looked slightly suspect!

There are two kebab shops at the bottom of Turnpike Lane, I went for a lunchtime kebab in one about two weeks ago, I was the only customer in there. I tried the other one at lunchtime last week, I was the only customer in that one. Now we are getting another one, the story of El Dorado (the more gold the Spanish mined, the more it devalued) must be repeating itself, many younger people are shunning meat,  now the 'golden goose' has been killed, I can see them starting to close, as did the Indian restaurants in the same circumstances. Can any residents in the flats above the shops anywhere in the High Road or Green Lanes open a window for air without the 24/7 stench and leaden-blue haze of charcoal and burnt meat wafting in?, it would turn me from a red-blooded carnivore into a vegan.

It’s not another one and it’s not on TPL. It’ll be in the same premises as an existing one  on WG High. 

Thanks Hugh, I will though retain my main points.

You certainly wonder how some of these laces manage to keep running. Restaurants have a very high failure rate. 

Because noone goes to kebab shops at lunch time usually ;) Yes, they are opening another one on the high road, same as they opened another off licence shop nearby...thinking that 3 kebab shops and 2 off licence shops near TL is not enough. We'll see.
there used to be a great bakery near tl stn called kossoffs - they made the best poppy seed bagels ever.



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