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Another Bus Crash at Ferme Park Road / Tottenham Lane Roundabout

20 years ago a bus crashed into the roun dabout by Ferme Park Road/ Tottenham Lane.

This was Chimes Terrace on the west side of the same roundabout yesterday morning. (Images © Gray Caws)

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I'm not a driver, but friends who've driven in continental Europe say that roundabouts can be particularly alarming if you're driving on the opposite side to normal, as driver instinct can undermine observation of rules of the road and traffic precedence. If the car involved was from France, maybe the driver was momentarily disconcerted by the junction, causing the bus to take evasive action and overshoot its turn?

I had a look at the claim in the advert on first bus of Nationwide having over 30,000 cash machines... Apparently they operate a little over 1,300 (as of Dec 2019). Bit of a difference, unless they were just saying you have access to 30,000?! Perhaps times have changed...

Are you sure that ad is by Nationwide Building Soc?

Hahaha, you are right. Dyslexic muppet (which I am before anyone calls me out)! It says 30,000 nationwide, I read it as 30,000 at Nationwide... Hahaha

Remarkable - and pleasing - that they rebuilt that end-of-terrace exactly as-was.


Two mysteries solved apparently: the 2001 91 driven by a woman; the 2021 91 bamboozled by a French car driver.

I'll stick with the W5.



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