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A spokesman from LBH was quoted tonight on a short BBC News report on the imminent closure of Marcus Garvey Library in Tottenham: 

"Haringey Council Statement: We're very disappointed that a £3million investment to revamp and modernise one of our most popular libraries has been misrepresented. The refurbishment of the library will see it enhanced with new books and equipment, as well as additional services."

You can watch the bulletin on youtube, here: [ MGL on the news]

This is the library that is being halved in size as they cram in most of the Customer Services from Apex House.  Most of the books are being sold off or binned, including the much respected Black Triangle collection on Black history. The Young Adult section will be scrapped. The little children's garden will be trampled into nothing. It will be closed for at least six months, and their 'alternative provision'? a list of other libraries. The computer access, often so busy it has to be shared, will just not be there for the thousands of regular users. There was no consultation. 

There is no way this work ('revamp and modernise') would be happening if the council had not sold the Apex House site to developer Grainger for £3.4million, necessitating its demolition. They obviously did not think through where to put the services, they were hoping it could all go online. There was some stumbling about last summer till they settled on MGL. The original plans claimed it would take 20% of 'wasted space' (ie the exhibition area) in the library, now it's a whole floor.   That £3.4million (which did not go to tender, for near half a hectare of land next to the best tube line in London) does not cover the cost of 'revamping' MGL and the Wood Green Library which is also absorbing some overspill, £3million and £2million respectively.

Oh and the librarians are having to apply for their own jobs, being redefined as 'information providers'. 

If LBH would just be more honest it would help a tiny bit.  But to throw it back at us is a heap of nonsense, even by the LBH spin department's notorious standards.  Such a ridiculous smear makes them look worse. Cllr Arthur is on holiday, so can we get a name, Mx Spokesperson? 

Support the Campaign to stop these proposals here:
Sign the Petition here: https://www.change.org/p/tell-haringey-council-to-save-tottenham-s-...
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527639460848841/?fref=nf
Twitter: #SaveMarcusGarveyLibrary
Email:  friendsofmgl@gmail.com  (NOTE corrected email on 17.8.15)

and to see some of the removed books, check the tumblr page: http://friendsofmgl.tumblr.com/


[Edit - xref to a later post about the leap from the proposals nodded through cabinet in March, to the reality being enacted now.]


Planning documents here, for changing the back door. Thassall.

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The treatment of Marcus Garvey Library by LBH is disgusting but they never tell their residents the truth about anything. As a professional Librarian, one thing which really disgusts me is the selling of the Black Triangle Collection. This was a Black History Collection built up to be an important reference collection not only for the local community but for London and the country. Scholars, writers and researchers could come from overseas to use this material. The loss of this material is irredeemable and unprofessional. If the library had no space for the collection why not request space for management and storage from SOAS,UCL,University of East London or Black Archive Collections in Brixton.  Haringey is not exactly overwhelmed with academic study materials.

but [LBH] never tell their residents the truth about anything.

Margaret I can't accept this. I am convinced that there are many times when our Local Authority does tell residents the truth. However, in respect of their representations about Tottenham's main library, a number of questions arise for me about accuracy.

Liberal Democrat spokesperson on libraries

Between  01-Sep-2015 and 11-Sep-2015

Marcus Garvey Library Adaptations

To agree a contract award for construction works associated with the refurbishment of Marcus Garvey Library and inclusion of a Customer Services Centre


Cabinet Member Signing

Cabinet Member for Resources and Culture with the Assistant Director for Property & Major Capital Projects

Report of Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development and any associated appendices


Part or all the report will contain exempt information under Para 3 – Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the authority holding that information)

Just spotted this, in the listing of statements re meetings to be held in secret this next quarter.  The last paragraph reads, Private - Part or all the report will contain exempt information under Para 3 – Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the authority holding that information): 

Note the constant use of the word 'refurbishment' . By calling it that, rather than reconstruction or rebuild, it means there's no obligation to have any consultation, just 'engagement'. 

and this - and this - 20-Oct-2015
Tottenham Green Leisure Centre Car park and Tottenham Police Station
To agree the redevelopment strategy and principles for the potential redevelopment of the Tottenham Green leisure centre car park site and Tottenham Police Station
Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration with the Director of Planning, Regeneration and Development
Report of Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development
Part or all the report will contain exempt information under Para 3 – Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the authority holding that information)

And I bet people will still vote Labour at the next council elections.

Be careful what you wish for.

Who will you vote for John?

It's a secret ballot Philip.

And I'll make my mind up when I see who's standing

well maybe don't criticise others for how you imagine they will vote, if you won't put your own opinions on the line?

I wonder if the LB Richmond have these problems.

I have heard that Cllr Jason Arthur has ambitions for Lammy's seat, if Lammy gets the mayor's job.  Of course to do that he will have to be selected by the local party membership. He got a 'cabinet' job within a month of being elected last May, so must be a favourite of the central Kabal.

For the mystified, what matters in Tottenham is not being voted in by the electorate.  It's being the chosen candidate, and that is down to the local party membership (similar to the current leadership selection).  It's about Selection, not Election. Joining the party is administratively easy, though may create a personal moral challenge. Then one member, one vote. 

They monopolise the chairs of committees, but a proportion of seats go to the LibDems.  eg two places on planning committee. 

I was looking last night for a list of who is on the Resources and Culture committee, Cllr Arthur's purlieu and home of decisions about libraries. No such list on the LBH site that I could find - maybe because membership of those cttees gets traded about? 

The big problem with this 'cabinet' form of governance is that all the power for the whole borough rests with seven people. Lots of frustrated back-benchers, not just on the Opposition benches.



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