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Hi all

I am exploring all the options of how to meet new mums and dads once our baby arrives in October.

I know that the NCT groups provide a way of meeting local parents with children the same age. However,I am interested in alternatives also.

Does anyone have any recommendations of local groups where we can connect with other parents with babies? The only one I can come up with so far is baby yoga....

Thank you in advance!

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Try the Childrens centres (Campsbourne, Bounds Green and Noel Park), they often have baby groups.  NCT is usually more  personal though as meetings are held in peoples homes.  The Burghley Road centre is also worth a look.

Hi Jerry,

If you are nearer Green Lanes, there are the Ladder and Woodlands Park children's centres, as well the Triangle further east along St Ann's Road, with sessions for under-1s and lots of advice for new parents.

Other things to try are parent&baby sessions at cinemas (the Rio in Dalson, Screen on the Green in Islington are a couple of local ones); swimming (most local is Mattison Road, also Campsbourne School); baby massage at the children's centre on Tollington Park. Stroud Green Library has regular music/dance/story sessions too.

There is an informal NCT get-together at Moka on Wightman Road on Mondays from around 10-12 -- we are very friendly, and the coffee is good ...

best wishes

Excellent! Thank you! Just the kind of suggestions that I was after! Moka get together sounds super.

Anyone know of where there may be some pregnancy yoga sessions for before baby arrives?

From our Facebook page:

Aj England im in the same boat my baby is due end of june feel free to contact me on here and we can arrange to meet if you like

Jolly Babies at the Burleigh Road Under 5s Centre

the Children's Centre baby and Stay and Play groups

Do find out who the local NCT contact is, because I think a lot of the other options are better with older babies and toddlers, and actually NCT gatherings/mailing lists/email and Facebook communications are great for finding out about things to do. NCT "teas" and local activities are open to non members and you can then decide if you'd like to join. Most of Harringay would be in the Haringey NCT branch which generally has lots of members around the Ladder - I'm in the Tottenham branch which we set up at the end of 2009.

I would say the park but for an October baby that's not so great.

Hi Jerry,

I am in the middle of compiling a list of groups and activities for under-fives in Haringey. There is loads! I have only done Mondays and Tuesdays so far, but plan to get the rest of the week done over the next ten days or so. Monday and Tuesday are on my blog at http://londinimum.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/under-fives-activities-i...


That looks great, and loving your blog! If you'd like I can add a link to your blog onto our website. 

I've also been working on putting a what's on list in Haringey for local parents. Is amazing how much is on but how difficult it is to find all the info!


There's also the Markfield Project in Markfield Park, lots of activities and singing and dancing, very good value for money.

I think all the local libraries have a variety of storytelling, singing and play sessions - the Marcus Garvey certainly does, if you're near the Tottenham High Road. The Markfield play sessions are great btw. There are also a few 'Pushy Mums' fitness groups in parks, aimed at mothers with kids in prams, including one in Markfield Park, if that's your kind of thing.

Hi Jerry,

I'm a new mum in Noel Park, Wood Green. I've set up a social enterprise in Haringey for local parents . 


We are based in Wood Green, but do stuff all over the borough. Lot's of events, baby first aid courses, loads of local projects and reviews and we are working on a what's on guide. Let me know if you want me to add you to our mailing list. Is a great way to meet people and if you fancy helping out we are always looking for volunteers and ideas for new projects.

Message me your email and I'll add you to our mailing list.

I'm also around for a coffee/cuppa if you want to meet up at any point and chat about what's on and where to go,


I agree with Emily above, it is amazing to hear how much is out there! Hurray! Emily -  a coffee closer to the Oct due date sounds like a fabulous idea, thank you.

So there are lots of wonderful options, thanks to everyone for sharing the info.

Now we need to work out if we want to fork out the £300 to NCT to make friends or if we can do it just as well via other routes... (I know we will learn about babies on the course too but I can do that elsewhere...)

Emily please could you add me to your mailing list? I can PM you my email address.



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