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All drivers, motor-cyclist and cyclists - You now MUST give way to pedestrians at junctions

It seems to me that most vehicular road users of all types are unaware of the change that came into force at the start of this year.

Rule H2 applies to drivers, motorcyclists horse-drawn vehicles, horse riders and cyclists. It reads:

At a junction you should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which or from which you are turning.

From January 2022 a pedestrian waiting to cross should be given priority. Previously, drivers were told to give way to pedestrians if they ‘have started crossing and traffic wants to turn into the road’. 

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Quite right, but pedestrians seem not to be aware of this, so, lots of HC aware drivers waiting for pedestrians to cross but, quite rightly, the pedestrian has no idea they have priority. How would one suggest a way round that?? 

Judging by people's 'junction behaviour' my sense is that the majority of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers aren't aware of the change. 

Trouble is, pedestrians are still ‘nervous’ about doing this (those that know about it!) You can’t guarantee drivers know about it, so you feel like you’re taking a bit of a high-stakes gamble!

Drivers just don't give way is my experience, certainly in the Green Lanes area. And from the other side, occasionally (seemingly more on bike than when driving) you get the pedestrian who knows about this law, so walks out in front of you unexpectedly, but does not understand the laws of physics and it all becomes very stressful for everyone for a few seconds

Every day I see drivers and especially cyclists who think they can do what they want.

It's the grace of God there are not more injuries.

As regards the speed limit, that is a complete joke.

I have to say I have actually noticed better driver behaviour since this change. People stop and wave me across. Though please be understanding if a person does not cross in front of you! You may have decided it is convenient for you to stop and let me cross, but I still have to decide whether I am safe from other traffic!

To be honest, I find the majority of pedestrians crossing junctions on Turnpike Lane just walk across without stopping or looking so the rule change has made no difference to me. Obviously I have always stopped rather than run anyone over! 

Maybe that's the way things are going - drivers are expected to take second place in the street-scene pecking order. And if they are driving under 20 mph (it's a limit, not a guide) then slowing down for phone-scanners won't be an issue.

Having lived in a city/state where this was established law I can say it makes for a more courteous and pleasant driving and walking experience - once people get the hang of it.

January was a long way back for the law to start but I think most drviers know it. Cyclists not so sure. I suggest if we feel there are some dangerous spots where drivers especially are speeding around corners, then we should report to the police and maybe they can then do a high-profile campaign to raise awareness and maybe issue a few fines / check insurance etc.  

I'm a cyclist first, pedestrian second and driver third, so I welcome the changes to make life in cities a bit slower, cleaner to breathe and safer.

I would say I'm a pedestrian first, cyclist second (running is my sport and I'm a lockdown cyclist) but when I'm on my bike I'm always stopping to let pedestrians cross. I'm less kind when they're is a zebra crossing a few metres up the road they could use... But in the back streets of Islington on my commute to work, always. 

I didn’t know about this change, so thanks for the heads up. I wonder where runners stand(or run) in this. As a runner, there are occasions I’ve had to stop suddenly just avoiding my toes being run over, as I hadn’t noticed a car suddenly wants to turn down one of the ladder roads 



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