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I just walked past Agora on Green Lanes. They are under new managemant and want all to know. They have placed sme baloons outside and removed the curtains thus allowing us to view the electrifying abience within. This is what the old management tried to do but were forced to cover the windows and doors as I believe it was in contravention of their licence.

Surely that stipulation would not have changed?


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That's the St Ann's ward side of the street. I'm sure Zena or David would look at it.

Of course, Nilgun as cabinet member should also be able to get a straight answer about this, that being her responsibility and all

And now they have their their effin doors open.

Why they just don't they just go the whole hog and stick a couple of machines on the pavement.

They have gone bust again ! Although not good news for the staff 


..but what's going to crop up in that location now...? a new betting shop?



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