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So I went past Agora last night and they were still open - after midnight. Their planning permission was given on the basis that they were only allowed to stay open til 11pm, so a clear breach of that. And given the previous posts on HOL, this wasn't a one-off - they appear to have little regard for their supposed opening hours. But given the inefficiency of the planning enforcement system (not to say the length of time it takes to get anything done - and what are the chances of any planning officers making visits at that time of night), can anyone please clearly set out who we can complain to about this that will take meaningful action. Is it a breach of any other licence apart from their planning permission? Are the police able to do anything? Anyone else at the council?

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The council are aware of the issue and evidence is being gathered at present. I don't think they are making a secret of their 24 hr opening as they actually informed a site member of it when he went in. I would suggest that you write to planning enforcement or possibly to Robin Payne as head of enforcement as it doesn't do any harm to keep the pressure up.

I know that Karen Alexander is on to it as she wrote to me and that the LCSP are helping in the evidence gathering. I would imagine the GRA are keeping the pressure up too as they recently wrote a letter of complaint which was published on the site.
No their hours are 9 am to 11 pm.

It seems that if our enforcement officers get up early enough they will catch them. Indeed the cabinet member for enforcement herself might be able to gather evidence on her way to work.
For those who want to get in touch, the contact details are:

Planning Enforcement
Urban Environment
639 High Road
N17 8BD

Tel: 020 8489 5508
Fax: 020 8489 5220

Email: planning.enforcement@haringey.gov.uk
Thanks for this - I'll get on to the council first thing in morning and get them to urgently follow up these unacceptable breaches.

Cllr Karen Alexander
Just to keep everyone updated on the situation regarding Agora. I have been in touch with the council. They confirm that formal action is being taken. The Enforcement response team is monitoring the location out of hours and evidence of breach supplied to planning enforcement for them to act on. This monitoring continues but any information on opening patterns is very helpful.

The Gambling Premises licence does not condition opening hours but the planning permission does. However, if opening hours reflect a breach of licensing policy objectives, there may be an opportunity to review the licence.

In addition to opening hours a number of other breaches of planning permission are being investigated.

Robin Payne of Enforcement will provide fuller brief shortly and I will keep you updated.

Cllr Karen Alexander
I think (and I would have to go back and check the details of the planning permission) that by opening at 8am they will be breaching the conditions of the planning permission. If the opening hours reflect a breach of the licensing policy objectives (again, I would need to check this) then the licence can be reviewed. In short, I think being open at 8am and after midnight is unacceptable and I will be pressing the council to deal with any such breaches.

Cllr Karen Alexander
See my new note about Agora's appeal against the Planning Inspector's hours resrictions.
Thanks for spotting this Hugh (Agora's appeal against their current hours).

I cannot express politely how much this annoys me! Agora's whole approach is just so disrespectful to the planning process and to the (many) local residents who opposed their opening at no. 48 in the first place. It's the foot in the door approach, then nudge, nudge, nudge until you get it open wide. Please let's do everything we can to make sure they don't get a 24 licence!

Surely the fact that they have repeatedly breached the terms of their existing licence must count against them?

Do everyone please use the link that Hugh posted to comment about this to Haringey.

On a more paranoid note, I do have some concerns about some of this discussion being so public. Someone from Agora could easily join HoL??
I don't understand the logic behind the requirement that they have a shopfront will items for sale (it is one of the conditions of their licence). In fact they do have items for sale in the window, but they are so ludicrously priced that it's a bit of a joke (£70 for a crap plastic dinner set anyone?).
Its relentless isn't it? However, depressing though this news is, it is not altogether surprising.

I imagine that the only way such establishments can make money is to catch the boozed up with no where to go at 3 in the morning brigade. So off we go again...
Well, well, well. . . I just dropped by at 1am this morning and guess what. . . Yup, still open. Nobody inside I could see playing the games, but hey, planning restrictions? Licence? We're Agora, c'mon, that stuff's not for us. Infuriating.
Please add any further comments to the newer post, Agora (48 Grand Parade) Apply for 24 hour Operation



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