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Further to the other conversations on this site about Agora's breaches of condition, I noticed this morning that Agora have appealed against Condition 6 of the Planning Inspector's decision (appeal attached FYI).

They are requesting 24 hour operation Mon-Sat with 8-11 on Sundays.

Please also see the related discussion Agora Continuing Breaches - So who do we complain to?

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The following helpful email just received from the LCSP:

Dear All,

Yes, they’re at it again! This time the Gaming Centre wants to extend opening hours to 24hrs Mon-Sat and 8am-11pm Sunday.

I know it’s a chore, but if your’re not happy about this you should WRITE TO OBJECT. This is a planning application (they already have the licence to open any time) so arguments can ONLY focus around planning issues, NOT any other concerns you may have.

For example:

(1) it is only 3 months since the Planning Inspectorate, on Appeal, limited hours to 9am-11pm daily (decision dated 6.10.08) - no need to change such a recent decision

(2) since opening in Dec 08, the Gaming Centre has ignored the Appeal conditions by

-leaving front door open

- failing to display goods for sale in windows

- staying open after 11pm

Having been contacted by the Council they have now complied with the first two points but have been seen open well after 11pm and in the early hours of the morning

These poor management practices give us cause for concern about how all night opening would be managed if granted (‘fit and proper management’)

(3) 24 hour opening will lead to a loss of amenity for local residents, especially in flats above Green Lanes & nearby Ladder/Gardens roads - eg likely increase in nuisance from noise, light, litter, anti-social behaviour, crime - contrary to Haringey’s UDP (Unitary Development Plan, July 2006), especially Policies UD3: General Principles and TCR1: Development in Town and Local Shopping Centres.

Focus on any harm, nuisance, anti-social behaviour, overall loss of amenity which 24 hour opening would cause - the actual presence of the Gaming Centre is (unfortunately) no longer up for debate.

If you have any evidence or example of nuisance etc make a note of it in you objection: this is very important.

LBH Planning may well reject this application, but we need all the objections in place now to help them make the right decision, AND to back it up when Agora go to Appeal again, as they no doubt will.

Objections must be received by Tuesday 3 Feb. Send them to:

or at

Haringey Council

Environmental Services - Planning

639 High road


London N17 8BD

Quote Reference HGY/2009/0094

I hope this is helpful - if you need any more information, please contact me. Above all, if you are concerned, make your objection!


Chair LCSP
email address for the person at Haringey is elizabeth.ennin-gyasi@haringey.gov.uk
As well as appealing by email, you can appeal, as normal, on the planning application - just click the first link in my original posting above.

So far, only five comments (well six now) + Ben's have been lodged.
Come on people, more folks than that objected to the flagpoles! Mine makes 8 so far.
Ben look at the page from my first link in the original post above. You can see everyone who's objecetd online. I guess the email & mail objections will be added later.
Lets see the mighty HOL take on the green lanes mafia and WIN ha ha i spit in your face mr mafia person.
I visited Agora this morning at 0110 hours. It was open with two workers on the premises. Unfortunately there were no customers but the machines were switched on and they appeared to be open for business.

I will be contacting Rob Curtis of the Council Heavy enforcement team about this as he requested me to do when we spoke earlier about the matter.
Thanks for the update Glyn; much appreciated.
Well done folks - there are now 77 objections registered.
That's brilliant! I like nice round numbers though, are there 3 (13) (23) more people who could find time to pop an objection in?
That's fantastic, fingers crossed...



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