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i received a letter in the post from Haringey Planning Service informing me that the owner of the adjoining property to mine (A Property that is converted into a number of rented Studio flats) has submitted a notice of prior approval to extend  the rear ground floor by 6m.

I have viewed the planning application on line and have a few questions to ask about the development and am not sure who to direct these questions to. 

For instance:

Our properties are North facing and I am concerned how an extension will impact on the natural light available to the living area(s) of my flat which are garden side and are already relatively dark. Can I request some kind of light impact assessment? Would I have to bear the cost of this?

The application states that the extension will be 6m beyond the rear wall of the original house, so, as an extension of 3.5m is already in situ, does that mean the extension should only be 2.5m?

Is a HMO still classified as a House even though the property has been converted into flats and this application is essentially about extending a ground floor flat?

What is proposed in relation to the Boundary between our properties (part wall/part fence) and which is part of my property as far as I know?

I do have more questions but I don’t want to bore you with them here.

If I could just add that I have no objection in principle to home extensions/improvements etc but I really need to know what to expect and what impact it will have on me.

Can anyone advise me what I should do at this stage ?

Thanks for reading


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There's a letter to be served by them to you first advising you what they're planning to do and if you're not satisfied with the information to give them the go-ahead, a party wall agreement should be achieved. This involves a surveyor from your side and one from their side (or an agreed surveyor to work on both parties behalf). The cost of the surveyors should be covered by the developer anyway.

Hope this helps.


Thanks For your advice, it is much appreciated.

The only letter I have so far is the one mentioned above and when I look on the Haringey Planning Services Portal it shows the outline and measurements of the proposed development but doesn’t really give me an idea of what it will actually look like. For instance, how high will 4m appear approx 0.5m from my kitchen window and, in relation to materials used, will the side of the extension facing me be a wall of Bricks or (more likely) ugly grey concrete blocks.

A courtesy visit from the owner of the property to let me know what he was planning would have probably answered many of my questions but unfortunately, that is probably not going to happen. However, he would not have been in a position to assess any violation to my Right of Light which is my main concern.

As Michael has suggested, a call to the Planning Officer is on the cards!

Thanks again


Hello Mags.  Hopefully there’s a name and contact number of the planning officer dealing with the application.  A good start might be to give them a call

Hi Michael

Thanks so much for your advice.

I have tried to get in touch with the Planning Officer a number of times today but she is “unavailable”.

I will persevere and hopefully we can have a conversation.

Kind Regards


 Best of luck

Thank you, I think I’m going to need it!

Definitely a party wall agreement required and they have to pay for the surveyor.  We had to do the same in 2018.  They shouldn't be starting any work without that in place.  

Thanks Mavic, helpful to know.

I’ll definitely mention that to the Planning Officer. Do they give me the go ahead to engage the services of a Surveyor and details of where they should send their invoice or is it done some other way?

A couple of letters arrived today from Surveying Companies offering their services in this regard. Initially I thought this was a bit random but I guess they probably check Planning applications regularly and send out these letters to those on the Consultations list.

Hope your outcome in 2018 was a positive one.

i really appreciate the replies I have had on HOL, I feel better informed and a little less anxious.

Kind Regards


Hi Mags

yes mine was positive, as the neighbour had already completed what I was applying for, loft extension.  Yes, you'll be contacted by surveyors as they check the planning apps, think that's how we were approached when neighbour did their loft.  Just do your due diligence on the surveyor, trust pilot, Google etc.  Or check Haringey planning for surveyor names who have worked on similar applications.  Either way you have the right to have your surveyor scrutinise the work / plans/ take photos of your house before etc.  and have in place a proper agreement for repairs to any damage caused by their work, but hopefully there won't be if it's done properly.  In my case when we did our work they did the same to us, but because we used a well known loft firm, with full insurance, I knew it would be done properly, and  that's how it turned out.

best Glen

Many Thanks Glen for your sound and helpful advice.

I do have a trusted Surveyor in mind so will give him a call tomorrow.

Best Wishes


Hi Mags, do talk to the case officer about your questions. It's a little early for Party Wall agreements, but do make sure your neighbour agrees one with you if they get consent prior to work starting. I wouldn't speak to the officer about the award as it isn't a planning matter. 

A daylight study isn't likely to be required on a scheme of this scale, however you should make your comment or objection regarding light known to the case officer. You're correct about the 2.5m, it can't be more than 6m from the original rear of the house. If the original house was 'L' shaped, it'll have to step back to follow it. 

If the house has actually been converted into self contained flats, you should discuss with the case officer. The prior approval route for larger home extensions isn't allowed for flats, they'd need full planning permission. If it's an HMO - i.e they share kitchen and bathrooms - it's allowed so long as there aren't more than six sharers. 

Regarding your boundary - that should be clear on the drawings. If it isn't, I'd speak to the officer too. 

Hope that helps. C

Hi Costa

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply, much appreciated!

I didn’t get the chance to ring the Surveyor today about the PWA but will definitely have to do it tomorrow I think as, according to the plans on the Portal, the work is scheduled to start next month, November and continue until Mar 2022 so I don’t have much time!

As the letter also stated that the owner had submitted a notice for prior approval, I assume that no planning permission was required as it falls under permitted development. 

It also states that “if any of the owners of and adjoining premises object to the proposed development, then Haringey Council will assess the impact of the proposed development on the amenity of any adjoining premises”. They will then decide either to issue prior approval or refuse it to determine that it is not permitted development and Planning Permission is required. I think I may end up objecting as I need the situation assessed, mainly relating to my Right of Light which is my main concern.

I will still  talk with the Planning Officer although she is proving very hard to get hold of. 

Many Thanks again Costa!

Best Wishes




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