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I am fairly new to Haringey online, but I have been reliably informed that this is exactly the place where I can seek answers / help with regards to the issues I am currently facing.

I live just behind Green Lanes in South Tottenham on a quiet side street, away from the main road. My road consists of 15 residents who have their own estate parking (put into place approximately 4 years ago). I live at the last house on the road, which has a corner space to the left of it, that serves as one parking space, but it is hidden from view of the main road. This parking space is not used by any of the residents, and is mostly used by people as a cover for anti-social and criminal activity. It is not uncommon to come back in the evenings to find groups of youths parked up in this spot in their cars, comfortable in the knowledge that they are out of plain sight.

The kind of activity we have come to expect is the smoking of drugs, drug dealing, drinking,loud music being played, groups of youths sat around talking loudly and causing a nuisance, prostitution and sexual activity. I have spent many a morning clearing up rubbish such as fast food packaging, bottles, cigarette boxes, drug paraphernalia, used condoms and seen both urine and human faeces left behind. The littering leads to inevitable increase in foxes and rodents in the area. The bigger worry is that we have children on the road who use this area to play in and who are openly exposed to this.

About a month ago, I found a lady crouching behind my wheelie bins using some sort of liquid for a mixing agent for her drugs. I approached her and asked her not to use this area for drug taking and to go elsewhere. I have had my bins tampered with and rubbish taken out and founds bags of clothes and sleeping bags. Only two evenings ago, I came back home around midnight, to find a couple by the side of my house taking class A drugs. Again, I ordered them to take their drug taking elsewhere or I will call the police. Access to my garden can also be found in this corner via a door, which has in the past been pried open and my disabled mother has once startled a man who had managed to find his way into our garden.

This general activity isn't just confined to the area around the corner from my house, the bottom section of the parking area tends to be empty and also frequented by groups of youths in multiple cars. Because this area is away from any main roads, it gives them the safety to feel that they are free to do as they please without being caught. I would also like to state that none of the people taking part in such activities are residents of the road. I called the police once 1-2 years ago one evening, to report anti social behaviour taking place. Although the police did attend and move these youths on, in the weeks that follow I experienced verbal intimidation from the same group. Out of all the residents, this anti social behaviour affects me the most as it takes place directly in front and around the corner of my property. With over half the hoses on our road (which also face the parking area) being used as rented flats, where the inhabitants change frequently, people are happier to turn a blind eye rather than report anything. My worry with calling the police every time is that me, my family and property will be a target for these people.

25 years ago, at the age of five, I have a vivid memory of my house being burgled by armed robbers, who had hidden round the corner from my house and forced their way in when my father returned home one evening. I was too young to know what was taking place at the time, but remember clearly being sat on a bed and watching my mum hand over her jewellery. A little while after, the council installed a light for the parking area, but this does not fully illuminate the area around the corner from my house. To this day, the first thing I have to do when I return home, is to check this corner firs before entering my house, to ensure that it is clear. The activity in this area, has progressively got worse since the resident parking has been introduced and leaving the area little more secluded. 

What I would like to know is what steps can be taken to remedy this and what council departments should I contact? Should I be documenting incidents, taking photos or calling the police any time we have anti social behaviour? I have already spoken to many residents on the road, who are happy to sign in their support to rid this area of the problems mentioned above. Should I highlight the issue with a local councillor or department who I can relay the specific concerns for my road? Finally, who would I be able to contact in the council to put forward a case to purchase the problematic corner area in question?

I apologise for the extensive detail, but this is a subject that has caused me much stress and worry and it has got to a stage where I cannot just ignore it and hope it goes away. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your responses.

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P.s. alternatively if things are that bad, complain to your landlords, the council, haringey ASB team, your safer neighbourhood team and more importantly KEEP A DIARY of events, record as much evidence as you can, but be discreet!  Without a detailed log of incidents it is incredibly difficult for the police/local authorities to take action!  And if you feel the police aren't doing enough you can request a face to face meeting with the borough commander, thats what I did!

Also from what a couple of people have said to me, Kim's advice to gather evidence is sound. Also keep informing the police. You can use 101 unless its an emergency. The main thrust seems to be to keep on until enough evidence is gathered to take action. 



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