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I wish that I took more photos of the hood in the 90s. I probably took this photo because of the snow, not realising that it would be of historical interest by now. Does anyone remember the old Suffolk punch, one of the first Wetherspoon pubs in London? And of course there was Barnabys, probably the most famous Greek Cypriot bakery in London. The shop with the red sign, (after the scaffolding towards the Salisbury) may have been Londis, a little supermarket run by a nice and brother and sister, but I forgot their names.

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You’re right!

When we moved here in the eighties the shops I used to use a lot were

Ford’s fruit and veg - somewhere between Salisbury Road and Iceland 

Lakes - Men outfitters that sold fantastic Fred Perry tops in loads of colours.  It might be where Kricoss is now

A brilliant paint and wallpaper shop on the Ladder side of the road near Harringay Green Lanes Station. There was also a wonderful stationers near it.

The big open air market where the Sainsbury’s carpark is now.  Remember there being a massive and cheap butcher’s lorry that used to sell from there.

Also a lovely Italian delicatessen by the bridge on the ladder side of green lanes. 

A splendid place.  Called Carolina?  It was there until at least 1993 because I remember breaking into “Oh Carolina” by Shaggy as I walked by.



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