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I wish that I took more photos of the hood in the 90s. I probably took this photo because of the snow, not realising that it would be of historical interest by now. Does anyone remember the old Suffolk punch, one of the first Wetherspoon pubs in London? And of course there was Barnabys, probably the most famous Greek Cypriot bakery in London. The shop with the red sign, (after the scaffolding towards the Salisbury) may have been Londis, a little supermarket run by a nice and brother and sister, but I forgot their names.

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Barnby was an amazing bakery. 

Yes and also such a hub for the Greek Cypriot community. Being of Cypriot origin myself, every Cypriot I knew from different parts of London somehow ended up there

Nice pic! Brings back memories.

Loved Barnabys! It's still a bakery but not the same.

Londis was run by an Indian Patel family. Two brothers and their wives. I had my first job there as a kid. I didn't appreciate it at the time but I'll always be grateful for the work ethic they instilled in me.

Aaaah you probably served me then as I was always in there

I used to go to the Mortimer Arms, it became 

Iceland, I think. Was Barnsbys previously

Known as Halepi? my dad took me there in the 1970s

Back in the 60’s there used to be a shop called Kirwans just along from The Salisbury: it sold jeans, overalls, biker jackets etc., a door or two along from there was Tesco - a one-unit shop with shelving on three walls and a unit in the middle. I think there was only one cashier. I used to go with Mum  after school on Friday and she would fill two shopping baskets with tins, biscuits etc which would come to about £5. She bought her meat from Reeves the butchers just round the corner in St Ann’s Road and fruit and veg from Wheelers.

Hi Christine !! Funny you should remember Tesco’s because I lived in the top flat above Tesco ( it use to be called Tonges before Tesco ) from 1940 till I emigrated to Brisbane Australia in November 1964. I remember my poor old Mum dragging 5 or 6 bags of shopping up all those 70 odd stairs, week in and out, after the War !!!!!!!! ( no food in them days ) Had loads of good times in Tottenham and all the surrounding areas, it was Safe in those days, to be able to walk around as a young kid, with no fear of being molested or kidnapped, even while London was being Bombed, we use to rake the streets, with no fear, we didn’t know any better in those days. 
Eddie from 5c Grand Parade Harringay N 4.

Hello Eddie,

I was born in ‘55 and lived in Warwick Gardens, my parents had lived there since 1950. Yes - I remember a safe place where you could roam far and wide. You could buy anything and everything on Grand Parade from from sweets to three piece suites, made to measure suits from Sanigs, shoes from Hill &Nower, Lilley & Skinner, Samana, Curtess.

Do you remember Mortimers that sold beautiful handbags and luggage? Then there was the wonderful grocery store (Warners) that sold dried fruit from open barrels. Losners the newsagent/tobacconist/sweet shop and meeting place for us kids which was run by Vic and his wife who must’ve been 8n her later fifties and wore I possibly high-heeled shoes that always looked to be a couple of sizes too small.

Greenaways the double fronted two storey toy shop, Hahns the German bakers, Duval for sports equipment....the egg shop owned by a woman who had a long plait and went to St Augustines church.....the list is endless.

it all started to change in the mid sixties and my parents  sold up in 1976 by which time it was fast becoming a collection of cafes, greengrocers and dress factory outlets.

I remember the Old Suffolk Punch!  What is now Iceland was once Woolworths; and Londis was on the west side of Green Lanes, not the east, possibly a bit further south than where this photo was taken.

It was already Iceland in the mid-1990s, though, i think. A friend of mine lived in a flat above it.

Me and my mates used to drink at the Suffolk Punch regularly. I think it's a betting shop now, right?

Interesting to see this and hear how it’s changed. I think the chemists in the picture still has the same sign! 



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