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A Quick Whizz Around Harringay's Warehouse District

At the weekend, I took a quick turn around the WD to update my photo stock. As I understand it, there are three main clusters: Omega Warehouse on Hermitage Road, Arena Design Centre on Beechfield Road and Catwalk Place on Overbury Road. (I hope one of the warehouse crew will correct me if I'm wrong).



Here are a few pics:


















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Must take a stroll up there one day - will miss the May Day bash alas...

Hugh, why not link this to your previous feature on the "Panomega" Art show? -  I will try to get a lowdown on some of the famous artists that have, or had, links to here.

Linked via tag

Great photos - thanks for posting. Arena now has a security gate across the front - took a walk up there today to check out the veg shop, but does anyone know how to get in? I don't know the name of the shop so didn't know who to buzz on the entry phone ...

Did you mean the old African shop? I think it's closed down. Pictures in this set from 2008.

Hey guys, the veg shop is in Unit M - you should be able to buzz them from the front gate

Great little wonder around. Thanks Hugh.
By the way. Has the door with cat flap been trown away onto the street because the big white cat died?

Thanks for the nice feedback all.

JJB, I don't think the door is relayed to Bubba's demise. It's in the Omega development. Bubba was aroud eth Arena Design Centre.



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