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Unfortunately the nature of the ladder lends itself to many of the roads being used as a high speed rat run for people cutting through to either Green Lanes or Wightman Road.

We live on Seymour which may be one of the quiter ones, but I still frequently here cars speeding past at all hours of the day and night.

I have two children and there are a lot of cats in the road too. Sadly, as of this weekend there is one less after our dear sweet Elvis (a black & white felix type cat that was a friend to everyone at the top end of the road) was hit and killed.

Please please please if you drive, do it at a reasonable speed. The bumps are there to advise caution. And frankly, if you don't you risk damage to your car and taking a very dearly beloved pet away from its family.

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Cara, my dear friend, do I get the teeniest implication in your post that Wightman and Green Lanes are not Ladder roads? Please check good dictionary, preferably illustrated, for definition of 'ladder'.

Cara has just lost her much-loved cat - under horrible circumstances - and you're scolding her over semantics?

Kit, semantics (properly understood) should rate at least on a par with emotion - and several rungs above sentiment. 

It's more important to use words correctly and precisely than to show compassion to another person?

Have you seriously thought that through?

Kit, I'm with OAE on this point. The words stay around forever. Yes, it is more important.

But the effect of those words won't go away. Cara may forget in future precisely what OAE wrote. She'll remember exactly how his words made her feel. 

I'm happy to thrash out issues of netiquette and/or semantics with Messrs Statler and Waldorf, but maybe we should do this away from Cara's thread?

Read the first line of Cara's post again and think that you live on the nightmare that is Wightman Rd. I sympathise with them both but it is not appropriate to speed on Wightman Rd, that line implies that it is, very clearly.

It doesn't. I've read it several times and it in no way suggests that the writer considers it acceptable to speed on any road. The only point that OAE (and to be honest, OAE, you got the tone of your response completely wrong despite the correctness of your point) was making was that Wightman and Green Lanes are part of the Ladder too. No more. 

A high speed rat run to... some inconsequential road that I have to drive down myself sometimes.

No it doesn't. No one's saying or implying it's OK to speed on Wightman Road.

Statlerian semanticists and Waldorfian logicians, do not trespass where kitty-cats fear to tread. I'm off to check on my toner.

Not at all. I am prefectly clear what a ladder is, perhaps it would be clearer to say 'rung' though I'm not implying anything of the sort.

And, given the serious nature of my post and the tremendous heartache having our pet cat murdered on our own doorstep has caused us, I'd question the flippancy of making such a remark anyway.

Incredibly insensitive comment.

Perhaps you should consult a dictionary on 'sincerity' or 'sensitivity' or even 'relevance' along with many other words I'm too much of a lady to mention here.




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