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Today I heard a second-hand report of a Nightingale singing last week in a garden in Fairfax Road towards the Wightman Road end… Does anybody on here know anything about this? I gather the lucky chap made a recording and would love to hear it…

Listen here - Harringay nightingale by HB.mp4

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I can confirm. I originally thought this was a garden warbler, but after some confirmation with much smarter birders, it's true, we had a nightingale on the ladder!

I'll dig out the video over the weekend. It's doesn't have the real belter song, but enough there to recognise.

Brilliant! Can’t wait to see / hear it.

Hi Dan - any luck with that video?

I'm really sorry, but I'm having real trouble uploading a video to HOL. You'll just have to take my word for it. Perhaps you can share your email and I'll email to you

Hi Dan

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble uploading the video. 

I’m sure site admin could help. If not, feel free to email the video to my email address which is harringaybirder@gmail.com



I’ve sent you a message, Dan. Send it to me and I’ll add it for you. It can only be added as an attachment or by embedding a YT video. 

Hi hugh, thanks. I'm unable to upload. Looks like a bug (perhaps on my end)

Sorry to hear that, check my message in your inbox and send it to the email address I give you there. 

I hope everyone is as excited to see / hear it as I was doing so!

One question - should the video be edited to exclude the patio / windows behind before publishing on here? There is likely to be quite a lot of wider interest 

Yes please do. I don't want to get the roofers in trouble :) 

Thanks HB for doing this. Glad you liked it!

Oh wow, I’d love to see/hear this too. What an absolute treat.

I hope someone will play the cello to accompany it.



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