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"A new pocket park between Alllison Rd and St Anne's Rd, providing a calm spot to rest from the bustle of Green Lanes"

I'm assuming that the trees shown in detailed plans for the regeneration works last year are still coming, unless anyone has any new information. Does anybody have any firm information on when this would happen? A few months ago, Cllr Ryan told us in a different HoL thread that the trees would be planted in the next planting season, October to May. However, I was not able to find any further details on the councils website. (The title of this thread is a quote from the council's website informing us of what was agreed some time back).

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Your best bet is to drop in to Tao Sports and have a word with Rob.

My memory (which is a bit hazy) is that there were problems with services under the pavement which meant that some of the trees couldn't be planted where they were supposed to go.

I'm pretty sure the pocket park is now not happening. 

Yep, pretty sure. As Geoff says, Rob will fill you in on the details.

Surely when an application for £40,000 of funding is made, you would think a basic level of research was done to ensure the proposal could be delivered? I feel sorry for any other groups that had applied unsuccessfully for pocket park funding at the time.

It would be good to know what the 40K is now being spent on.

Cllr Ryan may be able to help in his capacity as a local mediator, but this isn't Council business, so he can't help in any representative role.

As I've said before, the money was GLA money applied for by the traders. The Council refused to support their bid. It's only since it's delivered that we'r getting press releases implying they've delivered the project. 

You need to make that visit to chat with Rob in Tao Sports, Pav. He's a very decent guy. I'm sure he'll be happy to explain.

Certainly, I was just trying to be helpful. It looks like Phil is an FOI ahead of us and Haringey did fund 5% of the programme through project magement provision. So you do after all have a legitimate call to make on Cllr Ryan. Sorry for the mis-steer!

Best tree planting time is when they are just asleep, late October /November.  If they are coming at all. Maybe the traders can sponsor some themselves if it's got lost, you used to be able to sponsor a street tree for something under £200.

Thanks Pav. 

Good. Well done Pav.

Pav, for whatever reason, the simple facts are still being kept from us. The image below was available several days ago and certainly before you received a response from the Council. Why it is not shared more widely is for anyone to guess.

It's worth noting how much 'remedial work' is included here. Dumb decisions causing more cost.

What happened to the redesign of the Green Lanes Bridge area with neon lights and "Welcome to Harringay" etc, what about all the innovative lighting over Green Lanes not to mention the Victorian shop fronts.

These things were agreed and budgeted for, am I missing something ?

I could be wrong but from the look of many of the shops in Green Lanes the generous grants were used to paint the facade above the shops and to install double glazing in the flats above the shops rather than used for the "traditional shop fronts" in the original proposal.

I'd still like to know what happened to all the other planned works. We received beautiful pictures and plans at the outset of this project, which were costed and funded, and the present rejeneration falls way short.



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