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THIS afternoon at Finsbury Park Lidl's I purchased a new light bulb:

E27, screw mount, LED, 'warm white'.

Little remarkable about that, except the wattage: an astonishing 1.2W (one point two Watts).

Also: a claimed 110 lumen and lasting a claimed 15,000 hours.

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110 lumens is about the same output as an old 25 watt incandescent bulb, so it's a handy reading light. That said, it's an impressive achievement - and probably less polluting (total life-cycle) than the compact fluorescent bulbs - which contain a very small amount of mercury. Just don't break those - if recycled properly they're fine.

Incidentally, I was going to ask you where you could recycle a compact fluorescent bulb properly? But Haringey council's website told me.  I just need to remember to take them with me next time I go to Sainsburys...



I would imagine there's been a great deal placed in the normal waste collection just because it's not been clear where they can be recycled.

LED bulbs wouldn't have mercury in but would still class as WEEE?

Out of interest, how much did it cost? I find the cost of all the lower energy bulbs staggering. I used to get 4 for a £1 in pound shops ....

IT cost £2.49 but the running cost will be so small as to be negligible. I don't think I've seen any lamp with lower electricity consumption.

Speaking as the mother of an 8 year old boy, it's rare any of my light bulbs survive longer than a few weeks...

I replaced all the lights in the house with LED last year, for a hallway you'd want about 8w. Still a significant difference from 60-100w. Pros are: instant light; you can choose colour temp (we like a whiter light in the kitchen/hall); and you can get dimmable ones.

They cost more to buy but working it out you do save that on electricity after around 6 months and you basically never have to replace them due to the long life.

ANOTHER point to make about this lamp is the heat it produces.

None! Or at least, negligible. This suggests that of the tiny energy consumption, it's most or all going into light, not heat; alternatively, the energy that used to be spent through heat, is no longer wasted.



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