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I've been looking at this beautiful tree through my office window for the past week or so and thinking that I don't remember having seen it before. But it's not a young tree.

So I went to the next street with my camera and took a few snaps.

I looked it up on the web when I got back and the only match I can find is jacaranda tree. 

I didn't think they grew here, but RHS says "Jacaranda mimosifolia - widely grown in warmer regions and familiar to many from holidays to such parts - is available in the UK." So perhaps this is a Jacaranda.

And here's a typical Harringay scene (clears throat) - a spreading chestnut tree over the New River framed by a jacaranda tree.

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I think this might be paulowina tomentosa

AKA foxglove tree or empress tree

Not 100% sure but I think this is a separate genus to jacaranda

I think you're right. Thanks, Danny. This didn't come up on any of my searches. 

Don't think so. The flowers look  very different on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paulownia_tomentosa

That looks like a Wikipedia error. Most other web sites, like BBC's Gardener's World, suggest a match. 

Once the leaves come out they will leave no doubt.

huge, cordate and velvety. Unmistakable.

The seed pods stay on the tree all winter and rattle like maracas

I've grown a few of these from seeds picked up at Kew, great fun!!!

Yes, you’re right, it’s definitely a foxglove tree

Not sure about the Jacaranda but that conker tree looks like it needs a bit of pruning?

Really? I think it looks just perfect sweeping low over the river like that.

It does look lovely but also about to fall over?

Don’t think so. If you look at the top picture, you can see that the sweep over the pond is just one part of it. I think chestnuts are general are quite low and sweeping, aren’t they?

How unusual & gorgeous!

At first glance I thought it was a lilac but those flowers close-up are breathtaking.

It's beautiful! 



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