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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


Knowing "my one weakness", one of my work colleagues dangled under my nose recently the thought of creating a new timeline for Harringay.

Unable to resist, I did just that. Please have a look. Any use?

Please let me know what else you think we should add.



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Thanks Hugh, this is great fun and if your into history, easily readable. Well done.
Brilliant work Hugh! Thank you.

Turkish and Kurdish Bang activity. Why would the LCSP be involved in that?



Thin Q!

Hugh, this is fabulous! It's a really easy, relatively quick way to get quite a detailed history of our area, and it's a really beautiful interface too, with the possibility of moving from list to map and timeline and back again. Love the photograph of the Arena taken by a model-plane-mounted camera, and also the cheetah racing!

Thank you, this is a fine resource for all of us living here. I bet local schools would be able to think of some interesting ways to use it with their students.

Have you seen the three albums of McFly's Harringay from the air pics?




I had not. They are awesome.


Reminds me of this project to crowd-source aerial photographs of the BP oil spill using home-made airborne cameras.

Traffic calming introduced on the Ladder 2002:

"In a widely criticised move . . ."  Ahem! (Citation or declaration required, methinks.)


I like the 1946 and 1956 Harringay Riots. Over a greyhound disqualification on both occasions. We always did get our priorities right. Tottenham Hale, please note.

Guess the tongue in cheek doesn't show so well on t'internet! So, fair cop; my one moment of weakness erased!
Noop - just click through to the Dipty site (link below the timeline box) and you can make one yourself right now. As with most of these platforms,if you can live with the ads on the site, it's free. The cost is your time and the risk that the YATSU (yet another tech start-up - just acronymised that one!) will go belly-up.
Aw Hugh, that's where my tongue was too (no, not in your cheek!) No need to erase. Dr Johnson never thought he needed to expunge his opinions from his great Dictionary.  Your Timeline needs the odd little barb.
Great fun, I'm sure you'll get other contributions too. The local schools could be involved to put their school opening dates on the timeline. A couple of typos?  Did Harringay Green Lanes open twice in 1868 and 1880? And 'dof' racing at the stadium, and I thought leopard racing was exotic. Well done Hugh.



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