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Last night, at 1:15 am, a woman with a pleasant voice rang my doorbell and gave me an incoherent story about having lost a contact lense, and about her husband not being at home and her needing to borrow £8.50 for a taxi fare in the meantime. I did not open the door, and after about a minute I made an excuse for not being able to speak to her further.

Mere seconds later, I got a telephone call from another person, a man this time, who said that he wanted to sing me a song.

It seems to me unlikely that these two bizarre events are unrelated. The most probable explanation is that the two people were working together, their idea being that the first would get the victim to open the door, and that the second would telephone the victim in order to distract him thus giving the first the opportunity to let an accomplice into the house.

I've reported this to the police, and would suggest that anyone with a similar story do likewise.

In the meantime, be on your guard.

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Thanks for sharing this, David.
Good for you for not opening the door. I probably would have been taken in by her story. Sounds like you had a lucky escape there.
David, I encountered this same lady on Saturday mid-morning. Unlike you I'm afraid I gave her the benefit of my doubt and did not report her. I'll do so today as well as alerting our Neighbourhood Watch group.
This was a fairly tall black woman, maybe 5'8/9", 30-something(??) , very pleasant and really apologetic when she saw I was on crutches. She said she lived just across the road, gesturing towards 94-98 Wightman. She had mislaid her contact lenses so couldn't drive but needed to pay for a taxi as she was late for work. I told her, 'sorry but I don't know you and I can't help.' She was very understanding, said she was sorry for bothering me and told me to 'TAKE CARE'!!! I didn't see any sidekick lurking across the road preparing to serenade me on his mobile.
I wouldn't worry about any decision not to report her. Saturday at mid-day does not give rise to the same suspicions as Sunday night at 1 am.

I didn't see the lady, but your description of her way of expressing herself leaves me in no doubt that we encountered the same person.

A few years ago I read a piece in a newspaper about someone who managed to con a number of people in Hampstead by saying that she was a neighbour who saw them every day while she was taking her child to school, and that she needed to borrow £20 which she would repay that evening.

Two of her victims were members of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords!
Looks like the members of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords could do with a spot of living within the borough of Haringey for a week. Sounds like another Reality TV scrip ready to go. :)
This is one of the oldest scams in the world that i have encountered a few times usually by being stopped cold in the street (i have the face of a mug). sounds though that david was targeted. all they have to do is look in the telephone book to get your address and call round. very creepy. because of this i will no longer give out to people with this kind of story.
I once got taken for £20 by someone saying he lived at number 15 and needed money for electric meter as his children were coming etc etc. Then waiting with that sinking feeling for his promised return visit, not pleasant. Feeling stupid for being a mug. Lesson leant - when I was stopped by a youngish woman as I was leaving the house one day, her story that she lived at No. 1 and needed money for blah blah, made me answer, OK lets go to your house and talk about it there. At which point she said, I'm sorry, I tried to con you, really I'm a crack head and need to score. So I gave her £1 for the story anyway....
I love your story
Hi David,

I encountered the same woman in Cavendish Rd at 3pm on Mon last week
I was slightly dubious but gave her the benefit of the doubt and lent her the £8.50

As she seemed no threat at all, I left my door open while I got the money. After reading you're story I'm relieved that all I ended up loseing was the £8.50

All be on my toes and warn my housemates

Kind Regards,

Dave Broido
I have encountered the same woman on duckett road several times.

she also tried to corner the guys who had come to cut our trees back and told them the same sob story.

the last time she rang our doorbell and I answered she was having a good nosey look into our hallway.

beware and don't give her any cash!
thanks for posting this - she has just called at my door, in etherley road, about 15 minutes ago - same story about a contact lens missing, unable to drive and get to her night shift in enfield chase. fits exactly the description given by oae. also claiming she lived a couple of doors away and how very embarassed she was at having to ask for £8.50. no phone call followed after i sent her away saying that i didn't know her and i do know my neighbours. usually i am real sucker for this kind of story.
It may help if someone can get a photograph of her and then post it on local community web sites as a warning for others.

A friend of mine who lives slightly to the west of this lady's current area of operations, knew of this scammer's M.O., and tried to keep her talking while he went for his camera.

But she scarpered before he could get a shot off ...



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