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Thank you to those of you who've posted about Turnpike Lane's Puraan Keralan restaurant. I'm generally quite cautious about taking restaurant reviews at face value and so I put this restaurant on our slate to be tried at some point, but we weren't in any hurry to get there. 

In this case my caution was very much misplaced. Puraan is excellent. Whether I was reviewing a local restaurant or a high-end central London one, I'd be saying the same. Judged by any yardstick, this food is first class. It’s seriously tasty, completely authentic and underpinned by passion, knowledge, care and a very good and personal service. This is definitely a place not to be missed.

We only popped in for a late lunch and thought we'd breeze in and out. As it was we lingered over a very enjoyable restaurant experience. We didn't feast, but we did enjoy! We shared a Masala Dosa and a Lunch Thali. The dosa was crispy and tender in all the right places and came with a couple of delicious home-made sauces, including a very moreish curry one. The Thali came as a bowl of rice surrounded by a six small dishes and some breads. I can honestly say that I enjoyed every single dish - even the home-made halwa for desert. 

Just as we were rubbing our tummies and cooing with satisfaction, we were presented with a plate of spicy bhindi fries with a delicious cool dip. What a nice surprise!

Thank you Puraan

I'd meant to take photos of the whole meal, but so indisciplined was I, that I dived into the food as soon as it arrived. I did however manage to remember to snap the bhindi.

For the avoidance of doubt, this review is not made after payment or any other food bribes!

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I go to Puraan roughly once a week.  Lovely place: exceptional food, relaxing environment with nice family feel, sensible pricing.  For me there's no reason to go to any other restaurant in the locality.

Thanks, Hugh.

Hi Hugh

Any way of merging the 5 Puraan threads into one, so that the business gets the benefit of all the fantastic reviews in one hit?  Same thing happened with Buonisimo or Passion et Tradizione as it was later called.  I always thought it was a shame that all the positive reviews got lost over lots of different threads

Cheers Glen

Sorry - I missed this. All the posts have been tagged with "puraan" so all can be found using the tag at the bottom of any post.

Went to Puraan for the first time too just recently and really loved it. As you say, they seem to have a great passion for what they do. The dosas and similar are beautifully cooked and presented, and the rest of the menu blends perfectly with those. Compared with all the places who just want to take X quid out of your pocket, Puraan seems to be something special

This is a great new discovery for us we have just returned from having a family meal there to celebrate my birthday and everything we ordered was really delicious and reasonbly priced.

We will be returning to check the banana leaf platter which they are doing monthly starting 31st April.

As someone of Kerala heritage I look forward to trying this and seeing if it matches up to the real thing!

Do let us know. I loved it, but its a good few years since i’ve been to Kerala, so you’re way more qualified to comment on authenticity. The guys are from Kerala, so hopefully they’ll satisfy any cravings for home.

Oh that's great to know they are actually from Kerala so it must be authentic!

I went there on Saturday night, and the food was delicious. Unfortunately it was disturbingly quiet. They deserve more custom, and they need it to stay open.

I was there lunchtime a few days back and they said that Easter had been quiet because many of their customers were taking an Easter break. I do hope so. 



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