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My dad is coming for the weekend at some point soon, and I've been trying to find a half-decent-looking B&B somewhere in the local area (we're on Green Lanes near the overground station), but all of the reviews of places nearby that I can see are utterly dire.

Any chance anybody here knows of somewhere nearby that isn't terrible?

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My mum and inlaws stayed at the Aber Hotel - admittedly many years ago now - but it was fine.

The double room the inlaws stayed was far better than the single room my mum had though. The owners seemed welcoming and accommodating iirc.  But as I said, it was a long time ago.

Or try AirBnB they have good local gems

See our listings for a link

Some American friends stayed in rooms above the Beaconsfield pub, which they thought were fine and very good value.

Hello - I'm in the process of preparing my house for Air B&B - it's a large Victorian house in N22 off Green Lane at the Bowes Park end on Maryland Road.  The room is garden facing and lovely.  I've sent you a message to connect with me, and then I can give you my number.  They would be very welcome to stay as my first guests!  Thanks

Rose and Crown, 199 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, N16 9ES.

We put people up here when full and it's fine.


Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I've passed on a few to him for his consideration.



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